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FEATURED, an NFT platform powered by BNB Chain, Launching “THE SHOW FanBox NFT Collection” with KStarLive


Find out everything you need to know about the first-ever K-POP NFT drop on FEATURED.

FEATURED, an NFT platform powered by BNB Chain (former BSC), has announced a new collaboration with KStarLive, a Hallyu media startup with 9.3 million subscribers around the world for the global K-Pop fans, to drop  “THE SHOW FanBox NFT Collection” on November 23rd, 2021. This is the first NFT drop of K-Pop performance NFTs on FEATURED.

FEATURED is a non-custodial, on-chain NFT platform that is incubated by Binance X, the innovation arm of Binance. The platform helps brand partners launch NFTs with strong and unique narratives and provides a marketplace to make NFTs tradable and tools for creators to mint, sell, and showcase their NFT creations.

The memorable moments from the performance of five idol groups in ‘THE SHOW’ will be minted into NFTs. ‘THE SHOW’ is a music TV series produced by SBSMedianet that has been broadcast to 76 countries since January 2021, bringing K-Pop idol teams and fans together.

The K-Pop idol groups participating in the first batch of K-Pop NFT drop are ‘WEi’,  ‘Woo!ah!’, ‘Kim Jaehwan’, ‘B.I.G’, and ‘Pink Fantasy’.

Arrang, the leader of Pink Fantasy said “Our team is glad to release our very first NFT collection. We think that NFTs can be an alternative to interacting with global fans in the future.”

Through “The SHOW FanBox NFT Collection”, a total of 25K NFTs will be dropped to users. Among all the NFTs, 24 holders of ‘Legendary’ level NFT can redeem lifetime tickets to attend the shooting of THE SHOW twice a year for their lifetime. 300 holders of ‘Epic’ level NFT can redeem lifetime tickets to attend the shooting of THE SHOW once a year. Additional perks will be redeemable by the NFT owners and will be announced at a later date. In addition to this, the 5 of the original owners of ‘Legendary’ NFT will receive air and hotel accommodation to attend the shooting of THE SHOW.

Uncertainty of which NFT will come out from the fanbox and the five levels of the rarity of each NFT are fun elements for K-Pop fans and users of FEATURED.

“We are excited to partner with SBSMediaNet on their first NFT project commemorating exclusive memories in THE SHOW FanBox NFT collection. This is also the first time we are introducing gaming mechanisms into our NFT offering that brings an entirely new and exciting form of fan engagement for Hallyu fans and their KPop idols,” Teck Chia, CEO of FEATURED, said.

Sangsu Lee, the Senior Vice President of SBSMediaNet, said “We are delighted to enter the new market and introduce the NFT space to the existing K-Pop fans. Through blockchain technology, we expect K-Pop to flourish globally more and interact with borderless fans and artists. Also, we wish to be the forerunner of the K-Pop NFT content market to achieve a greater spread of the Hallyu.”

Nathan Yu, the Director of KStarLive, said “We’re extremely thrilled and feel very proud to launch our initial campaign introducing K-Pop artists in a whole new revolutionary method that connects artists and global fans around the world. Our collaboration with FEATURED will strengthen K-Pop’s stance in the blockchain space and create a new value, which has never existed before. We’ll continue to make our best contribution to the globalization of K-Pop by incorporating various blockchain technologies.”