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Celebrate Binance NFT's 1st Anniversary: Featuring Exciting Activities, Giveaways and Commemorative NFTs!


Main Takeaways 

  • Within our first year, Binance NFT has grown to become one of the world’s most popular NFT marketplaces.

  • Join our exciting celebratory activities, win a special edition commemorative Binance NFT 1st Anniversary NFT, & enjoy zero trading fees!

  • In the upcoming year, the Binance NFT community can look forward to an even more innovative platform where everyone can participate in the Web3 movement.

Binance NFT was launched for the community, and we will continue to build for the community. Get to know more about our celebratory activities and our upcoming plans for the platform!

June 24, 2021, marks the birth of Binance NFT, and it's amazing to see how much the platform has developed in this short span of time. We launched the Binance NFT marketplace to provide everyone the ultimate, no-compromise NFT experience. Whether you’re an avid collector, creator, or new to NFTs, there’s something for everyone. And we haven’t stood still – we’ve since elevated our platform by leaps and bounds and grown from strength to strength to become one of the world’s most popular NFT marketplaces. 

As part of our commitment to grow the NFT ecosystem and create the ultimate NFT experience, Binance NFT continuously seeks to explore a future of boundless possibilities and to unlock new frontiers. We encourage all to embark on their NFT journey by educating and pointing more users to a new era of the digital world.

With over 1 billion USDT in total trading volume, Binance NFT has top-tier collaborations with leading brands, celebrities, athletes, influencers, and gaming projects. Some include Jimmy Choo, Akon, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Toni Kroos, and Mobile Legends. That combined with constant platform feature upgrades as Binance NFT continues to chart a path for the NFT industry to grow and innovate.

With our learnings over the past year, the Binance NFT team is more energized than ever to continue our mission to accelerate NFT adoption and push the blockchain, crypto, and NFT space in the right direction.

The Driver of the Web 3.0 Movement

In the upcoming year, we will continue to build up the NFT ecosystem and look for ways to improve our platform to better suit our user’s evolving needs. We believe the future includes the need for decentralization across NFT platforms. Getting there involves taking progressive steps, such as merging the best of both the centralized and decentralized worlds.

NFTs are facilitating the rise of Web 3.0, the Internet of the future built on decentralized blockchain networks, and we are excited to be at the forefront of driving new innovations and adoption. In the upcoming days, the Binance NFT community can look forward to an even more innovative platform with new features, where everyone is welcome to participate in the Web3 movement. What might this look like? While we can’t reveal much yet, we can share about an official launch on the horizon which we’re really excited about. 

One of our key steps is taken through the NFT minting feature, which will be enhanced to become more accessible and inclusive than ever before. From empowering NFT artists to professional experts to Binance enthusiasts, everyone will be able to build, mint, and monetize their original creations on the Binance NFT marketplace. Everyone has the right to unleash their creativity, and Binance NFT is happy to provide a platform to make that possible. We will continue to lower the barriers of entry for new users to take their first step into the world of NFTs and hope to support more innovations on our platform. 

Earlier this year, Binance NFT also introduced the ‘Subscription Mechanism’ feature, which gives users a fair and square opportunity to participate in the latest drops and buy NFTs from exclusive releases that we have to offer.

At Binance NFT, our vision is to enable digital ownership, freedom of value and transfer of digital assets in the metaverse. With Web 3.0 as the foundation and NFTs as the keys to the metaverse, we will continue to make headway into a new era of the digital world, with greater utility and a more immersive experience for all. We’ve got plenty in store down the line to turn this vision into a reality, and we're looking forward to what the future holds!

Celebrate With Us by Joining our Anniversary Activities!

On our 1st birthday, we want to say thank you to our entire family and our community of trailblazers. We couldn’t have done any of this without you. We want to make this occasion all about YOU! 

To celebrate, we have created a special edition NFT to commemorate this significant milestone and planned a series of exciting activities and exclusive giveaways, especially for you. The cherry on the cake would be a waiver of trading fees on the Binance NFT marketplace on June 24! 

Activity 1: Trade NFTs with Zero Trading Fees

Activity Period: From June 24, 2022 00:00 (UTC) to June 24, 2022 23:59 (UTC).

Enjoy zero trading fees on the Binance NFT secondary market on June 24! Explore the wide variety of NFTs on the Binance NFT Marketplace now and trade your favorite NFTs with zero fees on June 24! 

Activity 2: Complete Crossword Puzzle and Win a Special Edition Binance NFT 1st Anniversary NFT

Activity Period: June 21, 2022 00:00 (UTC) to June 23, 2022 23:59 (UTC).

The first 500 users who manage to complete the Binance NFT crossword puzzle and fulfill the following criteria, will win a special commemorative Binance NFT 1st Anniversary NFT. 

  • Follow Binance NFT on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Complete the crossword puzzle.

  • Confirm your participation in the giveaway by completing the form here which we will post on June 22 on Instagram and Twitter.

Activity 3: Count the Number of Cake Slices and Win a Special Edition Binance NFT 1st Anniversary NFT

Activity Period: June 20, 2022 00:00 (UTC) to June 23, 2022 23:59 (UTC).

The first 500 users who piece our birthday cake together will win a special commemorative Binance NFT 1st year anniversary NFT. During the activity period, Binance NFT will post statements about our platform containing the cake slice emoji in our Instagram and Twitter posts. Users will need to stay tuned to Binance NFT’s Instagram and Twitter for updates on this giveaway.

  • Follow Binance NFT on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Look out for the statements about Binance NFT on Binance NFT’s Instagram and Twitter. Count the number of cake emojis we posted during the activity period. 🍰

  • Confirm your participation in the giveaway by posting a comment reply to our Instagram and Twitter posts which we will publish on June 23. Your reply must include the total number of cake slices we posted.

  • Tag 3 of your friends in your comment.

Stay tuned to Binance NFT, there’s lots to look forward to!

Join us as we celebrate our 1st anniversary together – a milestone that was only achievable because of your support. As we enter a new chapter, we look forward to achieving greater success and new milestones! Once again, we’d like to give a big thank you to the community for sharing your NFT journey with us. 

As we continue to grow, we will continue to focus on improving our platform, product, and services to deliver the best NFT marketplace experience for seasoned collectors and first-time NFT users alike.  

Follow our Binance NFT Community on Telegram or Binance NFT on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates and to participate in these exciting activities now!

DISCLAIMER: NFTs are an emerging asset class that is still evolving. The information in this article should not be construed as investment or financial advice. Always do your own research before making any decision to buy, sell or trade NFTs.