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Binance NFT: All the New Features and Updates You Need to Know


Discover the latest features and updates we’ve made to our Binance NFT platform, including a new look and feel for our mystery box feature, fresh features to help you better interact with your favorite creators—plus a seamless new interface designed to improve your NFT browsing experience. 

Main Takeaway

  • Based on feedback from users, Binance NFT has launched a series of upgrades to enhance and improve the NFT experience from the ground up.

  • We’ve implemented an improved NFT browsing experience with our latest revamps to the mystery box and marketplace page.

  • Interact with the Binance NFT platform via new features, including a “LIKE” button to support your favorite creator, a “Favorite” button to save the NFTs you love and improved push notifications to keep you up to date.

Building For the Community

At Binance, we’re constantly improving and updating our products to best suit our user’s needs. As part of our commitment to creating the ultimate NFT experience, we’ve updated every part of the Binance NFT platform, using your comments and feedback, to change the way you browse the marketplace and interact with your favorite creators. Keep reading to learn more about our latest updates or go to Binance NFT and check it out for yourself. 

Introducing Our New Mystery Box Page

We’re excited to announce a brand new overhaul of our Binance NFT mystery boxes. If you haven’t heard, Binance NFT is the first and only NFT marketplace to launch the ‘Mystery Box’ feature, providing users a chance to open boxes and receive and sell NFTs of different rarity levels. See our new features below:

1. Browse all our Mystery Boxes on one page

  • We know that some users were experiencing difficulties finding mystery boxes on the marketplace. We created a separate page that includes all our mystery box offerings in one place. 

2. Use our new filters to search for Mystery Boxes! 

  • Search for mystery boxes using new filters such as collection name, opened or sealed and fixed price or auction. 

3. Learn about upcoming drops on the Mystery Box page

  • Upcoming Mystery Boxes will now include detailed information on the home page such as event rules, start date and time and sell date and time. Users can also revisit sold-out collections to view the rules.

NFT Marketplace Interface Upgrade

Now for our next update, we’ve upgraded the Binance NFT marketplace with new features that encourage more user interaction and improve the NFT shopping experience as a whole, including ‘like’ and ‘favorite’ buttons and new search filters. Learn more about the latest additions to the marketplace below:

1. Show some love to your favorite NFT creators and pieces

You can now “LIKE” NFTs you find interesting using the heart icon illustrated on the NFT. For the NFTs you love, you can “FAVORITE” them and they’ll be listed in the favorites section under your profile. If you’re interested to know which NFTs are most favorited by users, you can also filter by “Most Favourited” on both the marketplace and mystery box page! 

2. Find the NFT you’re looking for in seconds

Users can now directly search by the creator or NFT name in the search bar and filter according to category (gaming, collectibles etc), file type (image, video, audio), sale type (fixed price/ auction), and currency. In addition, users can also browse NFTs on our marketplace by “Most Favourited”, “Recently Listed” and “Ending Soon” (Auction NFTs).

3. Get to know your NFT at a glance

Each NFT will now display a like counter and an icon to show whether it's a video, audio or image. You’ll also be able to tell which NFTs are for auction by the hammer icon and the countdown timer on display.

Stay up to Date With New Notifcations

In addition to our platform upgrades, we’ve created new app push notifications to keep you up-to-date on all things Binance NFT, including dates and times for minting, listing, delisting, and successful or unsuccessful bids, buys and sells. 

Thank You to The Binance NFT Community

Once again, we’d like to give a big thank you to the community for sharing your NFT journey with us over the past 2 months. You’ve given us amazing feedback and comments to help us improve Binance NFT in every way possible, from the browsing experience to new features such as Liking and Favoriting. As Binance NFT is still new, we look forward to continually improving our platform, products and services to bring the best NFT metaverse experience for seasoned collectors and first-time NFT users alike. 

Coming Soon on Binance NFT

  • Stay tuned for Premium Event drops from Maye Musk, Wian the Magician and Hermitage Museum

  • Our new Withdrawal and Deposit function will launch in Q4 2021

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