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Why Has Binance Introduced Zero Fees for ETH/BUSD?


Main Takeaways

  • Zero ETH fees extend our commitment to low fees

  • The upcoming Ethereum Merge is the perfect opportunity to provide easier access to ETH

  • Removing fees allow traders to benefit from improved liquidity

The recent introduction of zero trading fees for ETH trading comes hot on the tail of our BTC promotion. Here, we’ll learn more about the reasons why we’ve extended the offer to ether (ETH) and what it means for our users.

It’s no secret that Binance has some of the cheapest trading fees on the market. In fact, it doesn't get much better for bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH). Our recent introduction of zero trading fees for the two cryptocurrencies means makers and takers pay nothing to buy and sell across selected spot pairs. By now, you likely already know why we introduced zero BTC fees, but what about ETH? Along with the popularity of reducing costs, we have clear reasons to explore for helping make ETH/BUSD trading more accessible.

We Understand What It Means to Our Community

The community's reaction to our BTC zero fee implementation has been incredibly positive. Because of this, Binance has decided to extend the fee waiver to give users more opportunities to take advantage of the cost savings. Breaking down the barriers to trading helps everyone, from small fish to whales. So, whether you’re saving a lot or a little, depending on your trading activity, we understand what it means to users to do something entirely for free.

We Want To Continue Our Dedication to Low Fees

Our ETH and BTC fee removals aren't the first time we've waived trading fees. Previously, all USD stablecoin pairs and a selection of BUSD pairs also received the same treatment. Keeping up the momentum as a leader in the removal of fees is important to us and shows dedication to our core value of user-focus.

The Removal of Fees Often Leads to Improved Liquidity

If you haven’t already looked at the impact of removing maker and taker fees on BTC trading, it’s worth a good read. From improvements in market depth and slippage to narrow bid-ask spreads, zero fees do make a difference. So, by removing maker and taker fees for ETH/BUSD, there’s a good chance that you’ll also experience improved liquidity when spot trading this pair.

Interest in Trading ETH Is Increasing

Ethereum’s upcoming Merge, taking the network from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, has raised the network’s profile recently. So, no matter if you want to enter or exit an ETH/BUSD position, you’ll be able to do so without incurring fees. How’s that for good timing?

If you're keen on learning more about the Merge, visit our Ethereum Merge landing page. For the latest updates on all things Ethereum, follow our official Binance Twitter account.

Get Started With ETH Trading on Binance

Whether you’re new to Ethereum or a seasoned Solidity pro, you can benefit from zero ETH/BUSD fees. To take advantage of the offer, simply log into your verified Binance account, find the ETH/BUSD spot trading page, and start placing zero-fee orders today. 

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