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Portfolio Insight: Your One-stop PNL Tool


Main Takeaways

  • The Portfolio Insight feature in the Binance app gives you a detailed rundown of your trading activity.

  • Alongside total PNL (profit and loss), you can also access the Assets Analysis, Behavior Review, Check PNL by crypto, and Cumulative PNL Ranking features.

  • You can access the Mini App via the QR code in the article on your mobile device if it has the Binance app installed or through the Marketplace.

Understanding your portfolio’s performance is simple, quick, and painless with Binance’s Portfolio Insight Mini App.

The Binance app is more than just a place to trade crypto. It’s also packed with services, Mini Apps, and partner products that help you get more out of your Binance experience. The Portfolio Insight Mini App is a good example — using its detailed insights and observations can help you learn more about your portfolio and performance.

What Is the Portfolio Insight Mini App?

The Portfolio Insight Mini App is a detailed portfolio metrics service. It offers you an efficient way to view PNL and other statistics across your wallets and assets. Whether you’re actively trading or simply interested in your HODLed assets’ performance, Portfolio Insight consolidates everything you need in one place.

Your Top Five Portfolio Insight Features

Portfolio Insight offers a range of stats and learnings across your wallets and assets. There’s much to explore, but we’ve picked five highlights to get you started.

Check PNL (profit and loss) with cross-wallet analysis

You’ll first find yourself on the PNL Analysis tab looking at an overview of all your wallets. You can change your analysis across different time frames (including customized dates) and individual wallets (Spot, Futures, Margin, and Funding).

Assets Analysis

This section allows you to see:

  1. Your Asset Net Worth Trend (the total net value of all assets from day one to day N)

  2. Your Asset Allocation (the market value of each asset in your account)

You can check your Assets Analysis across all your wallets individually or cumulatively.

Check PNL by crypto or another asset

When looking at an individual wallet, you can check your PNL based on a particular coin or asset in that wallet. All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page for an exhaustive list of your assets and their PNLs.

Behavior Review

The Behavior Review section in the [Overview] tab contains your Activity Review. At a glance, you’ll see a comprehensive analysis of your trading over the past year. You’ll also be able to compare your earning success against that of all other Binance users.

Cumulative PNL Ranking

To see your Cumulative PNL Ranking, head to the coin tab. In this section, you’ll see the main cumulative PNL ranking data as well as your Profit Top10 and Loss Top10.

How to Find the Portfolio Insight Mini App

Accessing the Portfolio Insight Mini App on your mobile device is easy. First, ensure you have downloaded and logged into the Binance app. Next, you can take either of the following steps:

Scan the QR code below using the Binance app’s scan feature.

Or, head to the Marketplace on the Binance app (pull down from the home screen).

Use the search function to find the [Portfolio Insight] Mini App.

Understand Your Portfolio’s Performance Without Leaving the Binance App

There’s no need for external services or complicated calculations. With Binance’s Portfolio Insight, everything you need to assess your performance can be found in the Binance app.

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