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School’s back in session, so we think it’s time to dust off the books on crypto. 

The new school year is starting, the summer holidays are over, and students across the world are heading back to the classroom. 

For the crypto world, back-to-school is a great reminder that learning is a lifelong pursuit. That’s why we’re calling all users to go back to crypto with Binance! Whether you’re new to crypto or a holder since the beginning, here’s how you can change gears on your summer vacation mindset with technical indicators, crypto whitepapers, the metaverse, and everything in between.

Reconnecting With Friends

The best part about the new school year is seeing all your friends again. Likewise, it’s time to reestablish your long-lost crypto friendships — or make new ones. For starters, if you haven't already done so, consider joining the Binance Discord or one of our 60 official telegram groups. Or you can join the Binance Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp if making friends while earning some lunch money sounds up your alley. 

Timing Is Everything

School is all about time management — getting to class on time, doing your extracurriculars, and having time for homework – there’s a lot to keep track of day in and day out. Time is equally important in crypto. Ensure you set your price alerts on when to buy and sell if you know other commitments will demand a lot of attention.  Also, consider dollar-cost averaging strategy (DCA), where you buy crypto automatically in set intervals, such as every month, over the long term.

Making the Grade

In school, studying and doing your homework is the key to making the grade. Likewise, in crypto, it’s critically important that you do your own research (DYOR). There’s always something to learn, especially with how fast the crypto industry grows. One of the easiest ways to start learning is Binance Academy, the go-to educational platform for millions of crypto users worldwide. There’s something for everyone on Binance Academy, with over 400 articles on topics ranging from trading basics to the underlying technology behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

No Surprises

Always be prepared. The dreaded pop quiz isn’t so scary if you’ve studied and done your homework. And while no amount of DYOR will ensure perfect trade execution in crypto, there are ways to avoid a bad outcome when an unexpected red candle pops up. To prepare for any surprises on price moves, a stop-loss order can protect you against outsized losses. 

Master of All

Being a good student means being well-rounded – from history to art to mathematics and more. The same is true in crypto. Don’t just focus on one area. Get out of your comfort zone and discover everything else crypto has to offer.

Learn the history behind Bitcoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency, and its founder’s mysterious origins. For those who love math, nerd out on cryptography. Conversely, the artistically inclined can take a deep dive into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are changing how we create and experience art, music, and culture. 

All this learning is bound to make you hungry. School cafeterias have transformed a lot in recent years, striving to offer many healthy options. But we in crypto like to keep it old school and recharge with the best lunch of all, pizza!

Go #Backtocrypto With Binance

Relive the memories of going back to school this fall by going #backtocrypto with Binance. If you’re new to crypto, get started by creating a Binance account today and downloading the Binance app.