5 Unique Valentine’s Gifts To Impress Your Crypto Lover


Roses are red

Violets are blue

I may love crypto

But I’d never trade you!

Catch feelings (and crypto) this Valentine’s. Our expert team of love gurus has prepared the ultimate crypto gift cheatsheet to show your love and appreciation, whether it’s for a special someone, secret crush, four-legged friend or self-care for me, myself and I. Without further ado, here are five gift ideas so you don’t show up empty-handed on February 14. 

Non-Fungible Love

Get with the trend and make your love everlasting on the blockchain with a non-fungible token, also known as an NFT, a unique digital asset that is one-of-a-kind and can’t be duplicated. Unique, rare and can’t be copied, these words sure sound like your special bond—well, we hope they do. NFTs come in all shapes and sizes for every budget, including gaming items, digital art, sports memorabilia, songs and even sneakers, not to mention their super simple to buy and sell. And if you’re scared they won’t like what you get, they can always sell and trade for another NFT that’s more to their liking. Anyways, what are you waiting for—love can’t wait! Start looking for the perfect gift on one of the largest NFT marketplaces, with works ranging from big-name artists to world-famous celebrities. 

Keep it Mysterious

There’s something about the unknown that gets your goosebumps and love sensors tingling. Consider getting an NFT Mystery Box if you’re looking to surprise your significant other. They’re just like physical mystery boxes. Each box is packed with a random NFT of varying rarity levels. Some examples of cool collections in the past include Vogue SG, Jimmy Choo and Tyson Fury. Get lucky, and you might pack a Super Super Rare (SSR) NFT, which can be resold for up to thousands of dollars—or kept in a wallet because love is a treasure no money in the world can buy. Check out some Mystery Box collections here.

Romantic Getaway For Two

Surprise your lover with a plane ticket and hotel booking, but fully paid in crypto of course. Can’t think of a destination. Plan a trip to El Salvador, the world’s crypto-friendly hotspot for Bitcoin tourists. Visit El Zonte, the local surfing beach town known as Bitcoin Beach, or use bitcoin to shop for souvenirs and goodies from local vendors. Start planning your all-expenses paid-in-crypto trip for two. 

Custom Gift Cards

Keep it simple with a that’s impossible to disappoint any crypto user—more crypto! Who’s going to say no to free crypto. But don’t just make a boring crypto wallet-to-wallet transfer. Instead, send a personalized gift card complete with Valentine’s design and a special message to show your appreciation. Hopefully, you’ve been paying attention to what tokens your lover is always hyping up. If it’s a coin they’ve been stressfully watching sleepless night after night, even better, you’ll help them dollar-cost average

Share Your Love for Binance

If you’re already a Binance user but your significant other isn’t, this month is the perfect opportunity to share your Binance referral link. From now until February 24, 2022, you can unlock token Mystery Boxes together with your Valentine. 

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