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5 Tips To Usher In The Lunar New Year With Crypto


Lunar New Year is a historically and culturally rich occasion celebrated by millions of people across the globe. Did you know that there are many interesting customs during the Lunar New Year? Superstitions like using unlucky words such as ‘death’, sweeping as an act of removing wealth or gifting ‘unlucky’ presents like clocks and pears are considered taboo. As we approach the joyous season, embrace celebrations beyond traditions while avoiding common taboos for a year of abundant health and wealth with these five useful tips.

1. Send (And Receive) Red Envelopes

Red money envelopes are the quintessential Lunar New Year gift. Giving and receiving money using red envelopes is deeply rooted in history and signifies hopes for a prosperous and healthy year ahead, and is an important part of the celebration for China, Vietnam, Singapore and other communities. In fact, it is one of the main highlights of Lunar New Year. They are typically given to children and the elderly, although you can give these lucky envelopes to anyone during house visits and Lunar New Year events. Companies also give them out to their employees as a symbol of good luck and appreciation. Some communities take this gifting so seriously that they would exchange their old bills for new ones at their local note-issuing banks to give others during this season.

With the pandemic persisting this year, however, you may have to get a little creative with your red envelope gifting. Instead of the usual bustling festivities and gatherings, many of us may not be able to travel to see loved ones this year. Nonetheless, you can still wish them good luck and fortune with these limited edition crypto red envelopes, designed to make this season a little more festive. Digital red envelopes are not just a convenient way to send and receive Lunar New Year money, they are also more sanitary and responsible in the midst of this pandemic. Find out how you can send digital red envelopes here.

2. Gamify Your Red Envelope Gifting Experience

Call them what you want. Lai see, ang pow, hong bao and red packets are envelopes traditionally filled with money and given to friends and family to symbolize well wishes of fortune, prosperity and luck for the year ahead. To enrich your red envelope gifting experience, fill your lucky red envelopes with varying amounts of cash and let your recipients pick their own. Remember to give money in even numbers, as it is believed that good things come in pairs, and avoid the number ‘4’, as it sounds like ‘death’ in Mandarin. Everyone loves the thrill of choosing and showing off their lucky hand. And if you’re going digital this year, you can also choose to send your lucky red envelopes digitally with Mystery Boxes that may contain ultra-rare NFTs.

3. Avoid Lending And Borrowing Money

Lunar New Year is typically associated with wealth and fortune. Debt is considered inauspicious and people believe that starting the new year with debt represents the state of one’s wealth throughout the year. Hence, it is common to pay off all debts before Lunar New Year to ward off any money struggles. Similarly, lending money is also considered an unlucky omen that signifies economical loss. Start the Lunar New Year without any debt, be budget-conscious and plan ahead to grow your wealth successfully.

4. Spend Your Lunar New Year Money Wisely

With all the red envelopes you’ve collected, it may feel that you’ve come into a small windfall this 2022. Parents, if you’re safeguarding your children’s money for them, consider setting up a savings account with high interest rates so that the funds can accumulate as they grow older. Better yet, you can even use the money for passive income to grow the funds faster. If you have rich relatives, all the money collected over the years during each Lunar New Year can eventually grow into a college fund!

5. Wear Auspicious Colors To Attract Good Fortune

What are auspicious colors? In feng shui, or Chinese geomancy, colors have the power to attract good health, generate strength and invite good luck in general. Some auspicious colors traditionally worn during Lunar New Year are red, gold and a vibrant yellow as represented by our trademark Binance logo. Lucky colors can be worn throughout the year, in particular during the festive season to attract good luck and fortune. Lucky for our community, we’ve sent some pretty cool Binance swag with our lucky vibrant yellow and red packets! 

Happy Lunar New Year!

As we get ready for the new year festivities, Binance wishes everyone abundant luck and prosperity. Start the Year of the Tiger with Binance by setting up an account to send your well wishes and crypto red envelopes across the globe! May we all achieve success for the year ahead!