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5 Things You Can Expect at This Year’s Binance Blockchain Week Paris


Main Takeaways

  • Dive into the latest insights, innovations, and more in the Web3 space at Binance Blockchain Week Paris. 

  • From exclusive POAP NFTs, workshops, and meetups to engaging conversations led by industry experts and thought leaders, this Binance Blockchain Week experience will come with a unique Parisian twist. 

  • We’ve also prepared a line-up of activities and giveaways for event attendees! 

If you had a blast at Binance Blockchain Week Dubai, you’ll love what we’ve got planned for Paris. 

Binance Blockchain Week Paris is right around the corner. The speakers have gathered, the topics have been chosen, the workshops and activities have been set, and the venue is being readied for one of the hottest Web3 events of the year! But are you wondering what you can do at our two-day event? We’ve rounded up five cool things you can expect at Binance Blockchain Week Paris. 

Exclusive POAP NFT 

A POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFT is an event keepsake that acts as verifiable proof that you've attended the event. As an extra perk for all Binance Blockchain Week Paris attendees, all ticket holders will receive a POAP NFT as a souvenir of their attendance. Moreover, our POAP NFTs come in different rarities: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Each rarity offers a different number of activity points ticket holders can redeem for BUSD vouchers, NFT Mystery Boxes, and virtual gifts. You'll also get a chance to grab some Binance Swag at our Swag Station and access discounts on future events!

Please note that the rewards come on a first come, first served basis.

Riveting Crypto Conversations

The Web3 space is exciting, fresh, and full of opportunities, but it will only be the bold amongst us who can chart this new future. Kicking off our two-day discussion by looking at the work done worldwide in setting the stage for Web3 and ending it with a gaze forward into the possibilities Web3 can bring us to our daily life and more. We've brought together a line-up of the brightest and boldest in the industry to exchange ideas and dive into Web3's present and future. 

Meet-ups With Like-minded People

Binance Blockchain Week Paris ticket holders will have the opportunity to network with like-minded Web3 and crypto enthusiasts, meet Binance Angels, and if they’re lucky, get a chance to catch up with CZ.


On top of engaging panels and discussions, we’ll be hosting a range of educational workshops led by top industry players such as Vulcan Forged, Coin Market Cap, CoinDesk, and more. Workshop topics include “How to Create a Killer dApp” to “How to Get Covered By Leading Media”. 

Fun Activities 

Binance Blockchain Week Paris is so much more than just a Web3 event. We also have exciting activities lined up for in-person and online attendees! Throughout the two days, we’ll be hosting a variety of activities where participants have the chance to win amazing prizes.

Can’t wait to join in the fun? We’re hosting a range of giveaways on our social channels in preparation for Binance Blockchain Week Paris. So, keep your eyes out on our social channels for a chance to enter one of our giveaways. 

Secure Your Spot at Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of what will happen at Binance Blockchain Week Paris, don’t miss out on our three-day celebration where we explore and immerse ourselves in the latest happenings in the Web3 space.