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12 Crypto Gift Ideas for 12 Days of Christmas


On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me

Some BNB and Christmas NFTs~

We’re fast approaching Christmas, and that means the hunt for the perfect gift is on. If those random letters in our special Christmas carol intro make sense to you, chances are you know someone who would appreciate a good crypto gift this holiday. Still looking for the perfect present? Here are 12 cryptocurrency Christmas gift ideas that are sure to knock the Christmas socks off any crypto enthusiast in your life. 

Bundle of Joy

From silly trinkets to the hottest trends, here are some creative gift ideas that will definitely bring your friends and family some Christmas joy. 

Merch for the fans

There are so many swag items for popular crypto projects. Caps, jewelry, hoodies… the list is never-ending! If you know a fan who raves incessantly about their favorite cutting-edge project in the space, maybe it’s time to get them some cool crypto merch.

NFTs for the cool kids

With the metaverse, the world is your oyster. If you’re not already on the 3D virtual dimension, NFTs are crypto tokens that offer the world exciting new ways to interact, transact, and play online and offline. You could hold an NFT that allows you access to different social events, own a digitized copy of your favorite brand, or be an owner of virtual real estate. Since potentially anything under the sun can be digitized and minted into an NFT token, you could gift your friend a piece of art, video, game skin, sports merch, a music file, or even luxury bags in the online world this Christmas. Buying and sending an NFT is also really easy because you don’t have to go through the pains of delivery delays, making it a great last-minute gift if you ever need one. For extra fun, you can even gift a Mystery Box to your friend, where no one knows what the contents are until they’ve unwrapped it. After all, half the fun’s the unboxing, isn’t it? And the biggest bonus in our books—the trading culture! If the NFT haul isn’t quite what your friend has in mind, it’s totally not against social norms to trade it for another one, or cash it out, since you didn’t pick it out personally anyways. Zero gift guilt on both sides? That’s definitely a win-win! Pick out your present from one of the largest NFT marketplaces, which has already sold more than 1 million NFTs to date!

Crypto-themed movie marathon for the homebodies

This one’s a fun activity for the homebodies and movie buffs. Instead of a gift, plan a movie marathon night with these popular, fun shows curated for the crypto and metaverse enthusiast. Here’s a list of shows every fan can relate to: 

  • The Big Short - a film for the forward-thinking investors

  • Unfriended: Dark Web - a horror film about, well, the dark web

  • Ready Player One - a must-watch movie for the gamers 

  • The Simpsons: Episode Frinkcoin - Simpson cryptocurrency, anyone?

  • Upload - a sci-fi Amazon comedy series about a virtual afterlife

A holiday for the jet-setters

You may be wondering: What does a holiday have to do with crypto? Well, did you know you can book tours and accommodations with crypto? It’s time to make some memories with the crypto you’ve saved over the past year! Sponsor a holiday for your special someone and be the first in your clique to jet off in crypto style this Christmas. Check out the merchants that accept crypto payments here

The gift of charity for the philanthropists

If you know someone who’s kind and giving, why not donate in your friend’s name? Giving back to the community isn’t just a sweet gesture that your friend will appreciate, it’s also a present that will definitely be well-received. Make a meaningful contribution with non-profit organizations that allow you to donate via cryptocurrencies and offer aid to the needy in this season of giving.

Crypto Safety Kit

If your resident crypto enthusiast owns crypto, they’re probably going to love these gifts that can help to better protect their assets for peace of mind.

A hardware wallet

Hardware wallets are physical wallets that store the private keys that allow one to access their crypto offline. Because they are not connected to the internet, they are unaffected by hackers that try to worm into networks via viruses and malware. It’s important to note that hardware wallets create extra steps when trading, making them more inconvenient than hot wallets connected to the internet, but are still a popular way of storing crypto based on their security features alone.

VPN subscription

A quality Virtual Private Network adds an additional layer of security against malicious actors that try to intercept data and steal crypto via malware, phishing and viruses. Using a VPN is preferred, especially if you frequently use public wifi to access sensitive or business-related data. VPNs disguise the user’s IP address when using the Internet, lowering the risk of being compromised by a hacker. If your friend doesn’t have one yet, you can pay for a VPN account to help them increase their security.

A laptop just for crypto

A dedicated laptop that boasts the best features for a crypto trader or investor would be a great gift this Christmas. Apart from supporting everyday trading and investing activities, a separate laptop purely used for crypto activities on secure exchanges can minimize the risk of hackers stealing their crypto. Look out for a laptop that has fast processing capabilities and long battery life so that your gift recipient can enjoy a better experience.

For The Practical 

Stop wasting money on gifts that miss the mark. These useful gift ideas are great for even the most practical, minimalist and hard-to-please bunch!

Online course

The crypto world is ever-changing, and one key factor to becoming a successful crypto investor or trader is building knowledge and experience. This Christmas, bring the gift of knowledge to your friends and family and sponsor an online course about blockchain and crypto. From Bitcoin to compliance, there is a slew of courses that will keep everyone updated with this fast-paced space. Watch out for the occasional quiz campaign that rewards crypto to the clever kids that know the answers to crypto questions!

Technical trading account subscription 

If you know someone who stares at charts all day, they might appreciate a technical trading account subscription plan as a Christmas gift. Traders who rely heavily on charts and technical indicators would love an upgrade on their basic plan. These plans are usually flexible and boast many features that can enhance a trader’s experience trading crypto.


Books about crypto and blockchain make great presents because they’re not just thoughtful, they’re thought-provoking as well! And no, we’re not talking about order books. Hop online and take your pick from a selection of 27 books handpicked by the one and only face of Binance, CZ.

Crypto gift card

When you’re at your wits’ end, you know you can always rely on a gift card to be a perfect fit. After all, no one’s going to say no to money. With a collection of custom limited-edition gift cards with specific themes and exclusive collaborations, crypto gift cards are definitely a cool trendy way of sending money. 

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It’s Time To Wrap Up (Those Presents)

And there you have it, our crypto-themed holiday gift guide with something for everyone. Start crossing off your Christmas gift list and sign up for a Binance account to send NFTs and gift cards at the comfort of your home.