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Is it possible to get a crypto loan without collateral?


Main Takeaways:

  • Unlike bank loans, you don’t need a good credit score to get a crypto loan.

  • Crypto loan providers typically require users to pledge their crypto assets for a loan.

  • Getting a crypto loan without collateral is extremely risky as ‘crypto lenders’ offering non-collateral loans may be fraudulent actors who want to steal your assets or identity.

  • To prevent falling prey to scams, consider using a credible crypto loan provider like Binance Loans.

Is it possible to borrow crypto without putting up your assets as collateral? There may be, but chances are it’s a scam. Typically, collaterals are used to protect crypto lenders, so loans that sound too good to be true, like non-collateral loans, are likely not true. Users are cautioned against borrowing crypto from ‘lenders’ that do not require collateral.

Instead, you can apply for crypto loans from credible lenders like Binance Loans, which offers loans at reasonable rates. Rather than rejecting loan applications based on credit scores, Binance Loans holds collateral from users to mitigate their lending risks.

Disclaimer: Remember to do your due diligence before entering risky trades involving loaned crypto, and make sure that you borrow from a credible crypto loans provider.

Why Do Crypto Loan Providers Require Collateral?

Collateral is used as a security deposit

Unlike traditional loans, credit checks are not required to borrow crypto. Instead, collateral is used as a security by lenders to reduce their lending risk. In the event a borrower is unable to repay the debt, the collateral will be seized. This model allows people with little to no credit history to borrow crypto.

Collateral is used to calculate lending risk

Collateral can also be used by crypto loan providers to calculate an individual's lending risk and terms of the loan, including payment period, interest rate, and amount of lendable funds. The theory is simple – the higher the collateral, the lower the risk for lenders. 

This can be done by calculating Loan-to-Value (LTV). LTV is the ratio of the value of an individual’s loan to the value of their collateral. With LTV, crypto loan providers like Binance Loans can assess individual lending risk levels, offering crypto loans while protecting their business.

Calculating LTV on Binance Loans

This is the formula used to calculate the Loan-to-Value ratio:

LTV = Loan Amount / Collateral Amount x 100%

Loan Amount = Principal + Interest

Note that different assets used as collateral have different initial LTVs. Refer to this Index Price page when calculating your LTV. For an in-depth guide to calculating your LTV, check out How to Use Binance Loans.

Risks of Non-collateral loans

Falling prey to scams

From the crypto lender’s perspective, it is difficult to reduce lending risk without credit checks or collateral. If you do manage to find non-collateral crypto loans available, look for red flags to make sure it’s not a scam. Are you giving away important information? Have the lenders been in the media for scam cases? Do the loan terms sound too good to be true? Are other users talking about their services? These are some questions that you may find useful when verifying the legitimacy of crypto lenders.

In some cases, victims of scams have been locked out of their trading accounts, losing access to their funds. Fraudsters may also attempt to trick victims into handing over their personal information, including account numbers and passwords. 

Extremely high interest rates

It’s unlikely that legitimate crypto lenders will offer non-collateral loans as it leaves them vulnerable to losses if borrowers cannot repay their debts. However, there may be crypto lenders that do so in exchange for extremely high interest rates, smaller amounts of lendable funds, or shorter payback periods. However, these types of loans may not be suitable for traders who are looking to increase their position size with leveraged trades. This is because traders would have a smaller window period to make profitable enough trades that can pay off the high interest rates. Therefore, traders are cautioned against applying for non-collateral loans.

Benefits of Binance Loans

Binance Loans is a lending solution that allows individuals to access crypto loans at competitive rates. Approved loans are secured with eligible crypto assets held as collateral from their Binance accounts. If you’re looking to apply for a crypto loan, you can learn more about Binance Loans here. Other benefits include:

Wide range of assets offered

Binance Loans has more than 160 assets available for borrowing and accepts 50+ crypto assets, including BTC, ETH, and BNB.

Transparent user interface

Repayment and interest rate amounts are automatically calculated and accessible to users, allowing borrowers to verify that they are accessing crypto loans at competitive rates.

Loans Staking

Some collateral options offered can be staked to generate crypto rewards, which can, in turn, reduce loan interest fees. Visit the FAQ for more information on collateral staking.

Early Repayment

If you repay your loan early, the interest fee will only be calculated based on the number of hours you have taken the loan for.

All-in-one ecosystem

Loaned crypto can be used anywhere in the Binance ecosystem. This includes trading, payments, and withdrawals.


While it might be possible to find crypto loan providers that don’t require collateral, the chances of encountering a scam are very high. Consider using trusted service providers like Binance Loans to borrow loans at competitive rates to avoid getting your identity or assets stolen.

Ready to get your crypto loan? Here’s what you need to do:

First, register for a Binance account or download the Binance app. Next, verify your account to access more features and increase your account security. Once your account has been verified, you can apply for a loan with Binance Loans. Binance Loans offers a wide range of crypto for loaning, including BTC, ETH, USDT and BNB. Once again, remember to always do your own research (DYOR) before you enter trades with loaned crypto.

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