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Unlock Business Opportunities With Binance Gift Card Solution


Main Takeaways

  • Crypto gift cards have been rising in popularity as a way to buy or transfer crypto.

  • Binance Gift Cards offer a solution for businesses who wish to leverage crypto to expand their user base and strengthen consumer loyalty.

  • Find out how to create and manage your own crypto gift cards in bulk.

From crypto payroll distribution to instant gift card generation via an API integration, find out how Binance Gift Card can help your business expand.

With the ability to securely transfer funds between parties, cryptocurrencies offer businesses a secure and cost-effective way to conduct transactions worldwide. Binance Gift Card is a solution that lets business owners create, monitor, and print crypto gift cards in bulk. 

Digital Gift Cards

Some projections put the size of the rapidly expanding digital gift market at as much as $639.90 billion by 2026. Consumers are increasingly opting for digital gift cards (including crypto gift cards) as an on-ramp and crypto transfer tool, thanks to the convenience of sending and using them. This has resulted in a greater demand for gift cards as a digital voucher  and enterprise solution.

To cater to the needs of our users, Binance Gift Card has recently re-launched its business page to support both small-scale retailers and large corporate businesses. Guided by our user-first philosophy, the revamped page contains the following product features that we believe can help your business stand out from the crowd: Bulk Create, Gift Card API, and Physical Gift Card service.

Four Ways to Use Binance Gift Cards

Here are a few suggestions to use Binance Gift Cards for your business needs.

1. Resell with Bulk Create

You can create hundreds of Binance Gift Cards for free in just a few minutes with our Bulk Create function. Use this function to start your reselling business and earn profits when you sell crypto gift cards at your preferred price and cryptocurrency. Alternatively, build a loyal customer base by creating Gift Card rewards in bulk to attract crypto enthusiasts all over the world.

2. Check in on your business’s assets with Gift Card API

Connect to the Binance Gift Card API to instantly create and redeem Gift Cards and check your account balance. You can send and resell Gift Cards anytime, anywhere. Set up your crypto business right from the comfort of your home.

Have a business up and running? Consider Binance Gift Card as an alternative solution to salary payout. Binance Gift Cards allow you to do so securely and conveniently; find out how on the Binance Gift Card Business page.

3. Create unique gifts with Physical Gift Card Self-Print feature

Holding an offline event? Make it memorable by handing out trendy crypto gift cards as a welcome gift or special prize. With our Physical Gift Card Self-Print feature, simply find the nearest print shop to create tangible cards and personalize your customers’ experience. Find out how to print your first physical Binance Gift Cards here.

4. Other business solutions

Unlock new opportunities and transform the way you do business with crypto gift cards. Become a Binance Gift Card Merchant today and access our business solutions. We offer discounts to merchants with large transaction volumes. 

Become a Binance Gift Card Merchant

Whether you’re looking for a new income stream via crypto reselling or trying to expand your customer base, Binance Gift Card has a solution for you. Ready to start growing your business? Reach out to us via our Binance Gift Card Contact Form.

Coming soon

If you’re a P2P merchant, you will soon be able to buy and sell Binance Gift Cards and benefit from crypto arbitrage. By expanding or starting your P2P merchant business, you can attract global crypto enthusiasts and increase traffic to your platform. Be on the lookout via Binance Announcements for the latest updates!

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