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Redeem Your Gift Card Safely With Our New Crypto Wallet Partner, Trust Wallet


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Gift Card is an e-gift card service that allows anyone to send and receive crypto and selected fiat currencies quickly and efficiently.

  • With the new ‘Redeem to Trust Wallet’ function, you can now claim your Gift Card even if you reside in a place where Binance does not operate.

  • In celebration of this milestone, Binance Gift Card is launching an exclusive Trust Wallet collection that will be available only until 30th September. Find out more here.

Thanks to Trust Wallet, Binance Gift Card is no longer geographically limited! Get your hands on the September-exclusive Trust Wallet Gift Card design today.

We’re all set to bring Binance Gift Card services to a global audience! Previously, only those residing in regions serviced by Binance could redeem Binance Gift Cards. Now, thanks to our collaboration with cryptocurrency wallet service provider Trust Wallet, anyone can receive crypto, no matter where they are.

To celebrate this latest feature, we have launched a limited edition Trust Wallet design for anyone who sends a Binance Gift Card in September. Want to send one? Simply go to our Gift Card store to create your Gift Card!

Why We’ve Integrated Trust Wallet

Fast and secure

Trust Wallet is a widely used crypto wallet designed with security features to protect client crypto holdings against hacking and theft. 

Multi-cryptocurrency wallet

Used by more than 25 million people all over the world, Trust Wallet is a popular crypto wallet that supports cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and BNB. 

Redeemable by anyone, anywhere

Because Trust Wallet’s operations are not subject to geographical limitations, Binance Gift Card is no longer restricted to those located in regions where Binance operates.

Exclusive September Trust Wallet Collection

To celebrate this major milestone for Binance Gift Card, we have launched an exclusive Trust Wallet collection available only in September. For those unfamiliar with Binance Gift Cards, you can customize e-gift cards with dozens of designs to add a personal touch to your presents. Find the limited edition Trust Wallet gift card design at the Gift Card store and send a Gift Card decorated with Trust Wallet’s signature mascot today!

How to Redeem to Trust Wallet

There are two ways to send a Gift Card: via email or text message. For new users, please note that Trust Wallet is available only on mobile; web services will be available in later versions.

Here’s how to redeem your crypto easily:

When you receive a Gift Card via email

Step 1:  Open the Trust Wallet app (if you don’t have it, download it here). 

Step 2: In the email, click [Redeem to wallet address via Trust Wallet]. You should immediately be led to your Trust Wallet page.

Step 3: Choose the wallet to which you want to redeem your crypto, then click [Redeem Now]

When you receive a Gift Card via text message

Step 1: Open the Trust Wallet app (if you don’t have it, download it here).

Step 2: After logging in, go to [Settings] - [Redeem Gift Card].

Step 3: Enter the Binance Gift Card redemption code sent to you via text message and click [Confirm].

For more details, please refer to the FAQ guide on [How to Redeem Gift Card via Trust Wallet].

It’s Time to Embark on Your Crypto Journey!

Thanks to our latest Binance Gift Card redemption feature, you can now use Trust Wallet to transfer crypto to your friends and family even in regions where Binance does not operate. Get your hands on the limited edition Trust Wallet Gift Card design and start your crypto journey!

Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reason without prior notice.

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