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Here’s How to Resell Crypto Gift Cards and Vouchers With Binance Code


Main Takeaways:

  • Distributors and resellers can resell their own crypto gift cards on their retail platforms with Binance Code.

  • Binance Codes are prepaid crypto vouchers that facilitate crypto business opportunities like reselling and loyalty rewards.

  • Binance Code also allows simple crypto transfer and exchange.

  • Get tips to start and elevate your business with Binance Code.

Binance Code is a flexible way to incorporate crypto into your business, be it reselling, accepting crypto payments, or distributing as loyalty rewards. Binance Codes are essentially redemption codes of Binance Gift Cards, and therefore enjoy the same benefits like sending without fees and sending to non-Binance users. 

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Why Crypto Gift Cards or vouchers?

The rise of digital gift cards

Following the growth of e-commerce and alternative payment systems, digital gift cards are now on the rise. At the same time, crypto has come a long way since 2008 – we now see a variety of crypto and its use cases, including digital art like NFTs, decentralized finance (DeFi), and even crypto gift cards. With time, physical gift cards could be a thing of the past. What better time to consider including crypto gift cards in your business?

A simple way to start trading crypto

Binance Gift Cards are easy for non-Binance users to redeem. Once they redeem a Binance Gift Card, they will be able to access the products and services in the Binance ecosystem, including depositing and trading crypto, shopping on our merchant partner stores, and earning passive income. It is an easy way to kickstart their crypto journey – all starting with a crypto gift card!

Buyers can use the vouchers however they like

Users can use Binance Gift Cards and Binance Codes, which are prepaid crypto vouchers, to transfer crypto to our partners who accept Binance Code. This allows them to top-up accounts and purchase goods and services conveniently. 

How it works

Binance Codes are prepaid crypto codes that facilitate simple crypto transfer and trading. Businesses can resell or use these secure, encrypted codes for a variety of benefits

If you’re interested in reselling Binance Gift Cards via Binance Codes, you can order them via API or manually on our Binance Codes webpage. After setting up, you can receive Binance Code or Binance Gift Card orders from customers all over the world and get paid in cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies of your choice. You can also consider reselling Bitcoin or other crypto Gift Cards on your platform for a profit. With the variety of currencies available and a global market, the opportunities are endless.

Here are some businesses that are reselling crypto gift cards with Binance Code:

Why resell crypto using Binance Code? 

No supplier needed

Never run into problems doing business with the wrong suppliers. With Binance Code, you don’t need to find a supplier or a middleman to start reselling crypto. Instead, create your codes directly anytime, anywhere with the Binance Code API.

Fuss-free and zero fees

Binance Codes are easy for you to create and simple for users to redeem. Built to enable anyone who wants to expand their businesses and reach more customers, Binance Codes can be created in two simple steps. Simply set up your Binance Code API, and fund your Binance Funding Wallet to start generating Binance Codes instantly via API. 

Expand your reach to crypto users

Wondering how to increase your business reach? By reselling crypto gift cards through Binance Codes, you can expand your market to target crypto users and enthusiasts from all over the world. Starting a crypto business only takes just two simple steps with Binance Code.

3 tips to elevate your business with Binance Code

Earn profits by reselling Binance Codes

By reselling Binance Codes at any price or currency of your choice, you can earn profit from sales. Here is a simple example of how you can take advantage of Binance Codes after setting up the Binance Code API:

Step 1: Receive Binance Code orders from customers and get paid in cash.

Step 2: Generate Binance Codes via the Binance Code API and send them to customers.

Step 3: Customers redeem Binance Codes to crypto on Binance.

Other than earning profits when you resell Binance Codes at any price or currency of your choice, you can also make use of the tips below to enhance your business.

Create Binance Codes in bulk with Bulk Create

For businesses without API set up, you can conveniently create, manage and export Binance Codes in bulk via the Bulk Create function. Save time by creating batches of Binance Codes in a few simple steps and at zero cost. You can also customize the gift card templates if you wish to. Learn how to take advantage of Bulk Create to save time

Use Binance Code to increase customer loyalty

Since they are borderless and easy to redeem, Binance Codes can be distributed as loyalty rewards to build long-term customer relationships. Leave a good impression when you airdrop crypto via Binance Codes. If you accept crypto as a form of payment, gifting crypto as a loyalty reward could also encourage customers to return and spend on your business products or services.


Whether you are exploring reselling as an alternative income stream, scaling up your distributor business, or improving customer relationships, Binance Codes can help you get started. For partnership inquiries, please reach out to

For first-time users, you can refer to our tutorial on how to set up Binance Code API. Upon setting up, you can instantly create Binance Codes, check code balances, and redeem crypto via API. You can also experiment with Binance Codes with our Bulk Create function or check out our other links below.

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