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#GiftofGiving: The More You Give, the More You Gift


Main Takeaways:

  • Binance Gift Card has just launched our exclusive gift card collection!

  • This is Binance Gift Card’s first socially responsible card collaboration.

  • Binance is donating crypto to embrace the #GiftofGiving. For every two co-branded Gift Cards successfully sent and redeemed, containing $5 of crypto each, Binance will donate 1 DOGE to our Donation Partners.

It’s never too late to embrace the #GiftofGiving. Binance is donating crypto to our Donation Partners for every two Gift Cards successfully sent and redeemed. More details below.

We’ve reached out to several non-profit organizations and are proud to share our latest Gift Card collection with you! Our exclusive new collection has been designed in collaboration with our Donation Partners, bringing you a range of creative elements to choose from that reflect the important causes they support. 

Binance will donate 1 DOGE for every two co-branded Gift Cards loaded with at least $5 in crypto each, successfully sent and redeemed. Send Gift Cards with zero fees on Binance and make a difference today.

#GiftofGiving Campaign

#GiftofGiving will take place from 8 June 2022 at 00:00 UTC  to 30 June 2022 at 23:59 UTC

Featuring limited edition templates that represent the selected organizations’ meaningful causes, the designs will only be available for the duration of the #GiftofGiving campaign.

During the #GiftofGiving campaign, when you send two co-branded Gift Cards with a value of at least $5 in crypto each, you will help spread the word about the organization through the Gift Card design, while Binance will contribute a 1 DOGE donation to your chosen cause. The more co-branded Gift Cards you send successfully, the more Binance will donate. What’s more, the recipient will get to keep the Gift Card for life! 

To take part in this event, simply top up your Gift Card by choosing from the 270+ cryptocurrencies supported by Binance Gift Card and select one of the Donation Partner designs to send to your gift recipient. As long as your card has at least $5 in crypto – and your recipient redeems the card before the campaign end date – Binance will make a donation to the chosen non-profit organization. The full Gift Card amount that you send will be received by the recipient and added to their Funding Wallet upon redemption. 

Donation Partners

Our donees for the #GiftofGiving campaign are listed below:

Worldwide Walls

Worldwide Walls (formerly POW! WOW!) is a non-profit organization of contemporary artists committed to community enrichment. Through art outreach programs, lectures, and live art installments across the globe, Worldwide Walls hopes to inspire true collaboration and use art and NFTs to build new, inclusive communities.


An initiative collectively spearheaded by tech entrepreneurs and citizens alike, #TogetherUkr is a collection of NFTs designed to raise donations to help the people of Ukraine. #TogetherUkr also has an artist program that allows anyone to support Ukrainian artists.

Through donation campaigns such as this, we hope to raise awareness and help organizations like these in their mission, with all donations positively impacting people in need around the world. If you are interested in collaborating with us as a Donation Partner, please reach out to us here.

How to Send a Gift Card?

You can send a Gift Card and take part in the #GiftofGiving campaign in five simple steps:

1. Log into the Binance app.

2. Select the [Gift Card] button in your Profile section.

3. Tap [Send] to create a Binance Gift Card.

4. Select the gift card template from our exclusive co-branding collection.

5. Remember that you have to send at least $5 in crypto on two separate gift cards to be eligible for the #GiftofGiving campaign. Choose your favorite crypto from the 270+ cryptocurrencies supported by Binance Gift Card.

You can also create a Binance Gift Card via a web browser. Check out How to Create and Send a Gift Card? for more information. 

Note: If you’re sending a Gift Card, note that the Gift Card will be sent to your recipient’s email address via a unique Binance Gift Card redemption code where they can redeem it on the Binance app or website. 

How to Redeem a Gift Card?

1. Log into the Binance app, select [Profile] and then [Gift Card].

2. Select [Receive].

3. Enter the Gift Card code and select [Add].

4. To credit the crypto to your Funding Wallet, select [Redeem Crypto] and enter the Gift Card code that is sent to you.

Once you have redeemed the Gift Card, you can choose to use it within the Binance ecosystem or withdraw it as cash.

You can also redeem a Gift Card via a web browser. Check out How Do I Redeem a Gift Card? for more information.

#GiftofGiving Livestream

We will be inviting three guest speakers to speak about the real impact of our campaign. Tune in to Binance Live on 14 June, 17:00 UTC to see how your little gesture can help make the world a better place.


We are honored to support our Donation Partners to help drive meaningful change. Join us by sending your co-branded Gift Card and make a difference today! The more you give, the more you gift!

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