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Celebrate Binance Gift Card’s 1st Anniversary With a Special Giveaway


Main Takeaways

  • In its first year, Binance Gift Card has already become one of the most versatile gift card products in the industry.

  • Join our first anniversary flash giveaway to enter a prize pool worth up to 10k DOGE. 

  • As we continue onto the next chapter, Binance Gift Card users can look forward to more innovative features and exciting partnerships.

We’ve made it one year around the sun (and towards the moon)! 

24 July 2021 marks a very special day for Binance – it’s the anniversary of the Binance Gift Card! It’s amazing to see how much we’ve grown in such a short amount of time. We launched Binance Gift Card so anyone can give the gift of crypto without having to worry about fees, or barriers to entry. 

Following our journey over the last year, the Binance Gift Card team is more excited than ever to improve our platform and product to better accommodate our community’s needs. 

Over the past year, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop the Gift Card ecosystem to make the crypto gifting and transfer experience via Binance Gift Card more seamless. With new features such as Transfer Crypto, Redeem and Convert to Fiat, Fiat Gift Card, bulk create, and Binance code, we continue to be the most versatile gift card product in the industry. 

Now, let's take a walk down memory lane together and reminisce on our milestones. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned to learn more about the celebratory activity we have planned!

Our Milestones

Binance Gift Card’s first template 

Birthdays are typically a joyful occasion and often include gifts. As such, it was only natural that we released our Happy Birthday gift card design as our first customizable template. The Happy Birthday design turned out to be so popular, it became part of our classic collection in a short time.

Since our gift cards are customizable, the sender can add a unique touch by including a special message. And much like keeping a birthday card as memorabilia, the recipient can store the digital gift card as a keepsake in their Binance wallet. For new users, this signifies not just the gift of crypto, but also marks the first step of their crypto journey. 

Diversifying our template selection

We continued to roll out more templates after receiving positive feedback for our Happy Birthday card design. We worked closely with our community angels, local teams, and designers to release design templates for cultural festivals to accommodate the needs of different communities. Now, you can find limited edition seasonal and festive templates for occasions such as Christmas, Ramadan, Easter, and the Dragon Boat Festival in our Gift Card Store. Indeed, digital crypto gift cards can make versatile gifts for any occasion and recipient.

The Season of Giving

Last December, we hosted a Season of Giving Giveaway to celebrate Christmas the Binance way. Over 100k gift cards were sent to welcome non-Binance users into our crypto community.

Transfer Crypto 

To make sending funds internationally more seamless, we launched the Transfer Crypto feature at the beginning of this year. Transfer Crypto lets users send crypto to Binance and non-Binance users easily and flexibly with zero fees. With Transfer Crypto, sending money to family and relatives, regardless of where they live, is no longer a hassle. 

Binance Gift Card for Businesses

To simplify the crypto distribution and transfer process for businesses, we've rolled out Binance Code, a prepaid crypto voucher that facilitates simple crypto transfers and exchanges. Binance Code can serve as a corporate solution for various business models and help companies expand their user base to reach crypto enthusiasts. 

The use cases for Binance Code include loyalty program rewards, play-to-earn (P2E) rewards, NFT / token airdrops, and much more. 

Since the introduction of Binance Code, we have helped numerous businesses grow and communities thrive by simplifying the crypto transfer and distribution process

Learn more about our official partners by checking out our partner list.

#GiftofGiving: Our contribution to society

In June 2022, we worked with several non-profit organizations to release our first socially responsible gift card collection. Each limited edition #GiftofGiving template reflects the important causes our donation partners support. The campaign's goal was to raise funds for and positively impact people in need around the world.

Celebrate With Us By Entering Our Exclusive Giveaway!

The Binance Gift Card First Anniversary Giveaway will start on 2022-07-24 at 00:00 (UTC) and end on 23:59 (UTC).

For the past year, over a million of gift cards have been sent out and we are beyond thankful for your support. We couldn't have gotten here without any of you. To celebrate our anniversary, we’d like to show our appreciation for our users through an exclusive giveaway featuring a prize pool of over 10,000 DOGE. So don’t forget to mark July 24th on your calendar!

To enter the giveaway, top up your Gift Card by choosing from the 270+ cryptocurrencies supported by Binance Gift Card and send it to your gift recipient. As long as the gift card is sent during the giveaway period and your recipient redeems it within three days of the activity, you will be eligible to win a share of the 10,000 DOGE prize pool. 

For more information on the mechanics of our first anniversary giveaway, read the giveaway announcement.  

How to Send a Gift Card

1. Log into your account on the Binance app.

2. Go to your [Profile] and tap the [Gift Card] button on the menu bar.

3. Tap [Send Gift].

4. Choose your preferred crypto from the drop list and enter the amount you wish to send. 

5. If you want to customize your gift card, you can pick a design under [Gift Card Template]

6. Once you’ve confirmed the amount on the gift card, tap [Create].

7. Enter your 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) code to confirm your transaction, and you’re done! 

For a more in-depth tutorial, read our tutorial How to Create and Send a Gift Card?

How to Redeem a Gift Card

1. Log into the Binance app and go to your profile.

2. Tap [Gift Card] in the menu bar.

3. Select [Redeem].

4. To credit crypto to your Funding Wallet, select [Redeem To Crypto] and enter the 16-digit code on your gift card.

Check out our tutorial, How Do I Redeem a Gift Card?, for a step-by-step guide. 

Let’s Look Forward To Another Year Together! 

It is largely due to your support that we are able to celebrate our first birthday.. We look forward to reaching new milestones and achieving greater success in our second year! And once again, we’d like to thank our community for being a part of this amazing journey. 

As we continue to grow, we promise to focus on improving our product to deliver the best crypto gift card experience for our partners and users. In the meantime, stay tuned to our Gift Card Store and keep an eye out for the exclusive collections.

Want to leave us your feedback, thoughts, and comments? We are more than happy to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us at

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