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Cash Out Your Crypto With Binance Gift Card


Main Takeaways

  • Our new Redeem & Convert to Fiat function allows users to redeem their Binance Gift Cards and seamlessly convert the contained crypto to selected fiat currencies without fees in a few simple steps.

Redeem & Convert to Fiat is a new feature that allows gift card recipients to convert their Binance Gift Cards to select fiat currencies.

Binance Gift Card is a customizable gift idea that allows Binance and non-Binance users to send and receive crypto. Once your gift card recipient redeems the card code, the crypto will be fully credited to their Binance Funding wallet. 

Recipients can choose how to redeem their Binance Gift Card, with Redeem & Convert to Fiat being a recent addition. Binance Gift Card is also a great way for your crypto-curious friends to kick-start their crypto journey on Binance

What Is the Redeem & Convert to Fiat Function? 

Introducing Redeem & Convert to Fiat, a feature that lets you or your gift card recipients redeem crypto and convert it to a preferred fiat currency. All it takes is a few simple steps within the Binance app. Available fiat currencies for conversion include UAH, PHP, VND, INR, and IDR.

Benefits of Redeem & Convert to Fiat

Zero fees: Upon receiving a Binance Gift Card, recipients can redeem and convert crypto into local fiat currencies with zero fees.

Swift: The entire crypto-to-fiat redemption process can be done on the Binance app. Each step is swift and simple, so new crypto users can easily follow along as well. Additionally, when converting to fiat currencies, your order will automatically be created and matched based on the best crypto price available on the P2P market, saving you time and effort.

Flexible: As its name suggests, this feature offers gift card recipients the flexibility to choose whether to receive crypto or cash. Moreover, there are no expiration dates on Binance Gift Cards, so recipients can redeem and convert their Gift Card to fiat currency whenever they wish. 

How to Cash Out Your Gift Card

Log in to your Binance App and select the Gift Card mini-app under your [Profile] section. Then, select [Redeem] and tap [Redeem & Convert to Fiat] to start cashing out your Binance Gift Card in your preferred fiat currency.

For more information, check out our step-by-step guide on How to Redeem and Convert Binance Gift Card to Fiat Currency.

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