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Binance Gift Card: The Best Hidden Features You Should Know About


Binance gift card—it’s not your ordinary gift card. Find out how you can use Binance Gift Card to get more referrals, celebrate special occasions and grow your digital art collection.

Main Takeaways

  • In this article, we’ll walk you through the many ways you can use Binance Gift Card to share the best gift of them all—crypto!

  • Spice up your referrals with fresh designs, celebrate special occasions with seasonal gift card templates and grow your digital art collection.  

If you haven’t heard, we recently added a gift card feature to the Binance app. With Binance Gift Card, you can easily create and send personalized crypto gift cards to friends and family via email, social media or SMS—all with zero fees. However, did you know about all the other features available on Binance Gift Card?

In addition to sending crypto, Binance Gift Card lets you:

  • Send referral links as a fun gift to introduce your friends and family to crypto.

  • Celebrate the crypto lifestyle with gift card templates designed for special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and much more.

  • Collect limited-edition gift cards to grow your digital art collection, at no extra cost

The easiest way to share the gift of crypto

Looking to introduce a friend or family member to crypto? Instead of sending them a boring link, why not just send them a crypto gift card with your referral link? Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your gift card and select the crypto and amount you want to send.

  2. Select send via E-mail and input your referral link in the customizable message field.

  3. Send the gift card to your friend or family member and they’ll use your referral link to create their Binance account. After that, they can download the app and use the gift card code to redeem their crypto. 

With Binance Gift Card, your friends and family can receive their first crypto funds in seconds. After they redeem their gift card, they can instantly transfer the crypto from their funding wallet to other wallets, in order to start trading immediately. 

Refer to the image below to see how your friend or family member will receive their Binance Gift Card via email. For detailed instructions on how to create, send or redeem a gift card, read our step-by-step guide

Choose how you want your gift card to look

The crypto lifestyle doesn’t have to revolve around candlestick charts, whitepapers and Telegram group chats. Give crypto to your favorite person with gift card templates designed for every occasion—be it someone’s birthday, Valentine’s Day or a simple token of appreciation. Since Binance is a global community, we’re constantly updating our collection to match the occasion. You’ll be pleasantly surprised every time you come back to browse the different gift cards. You can look below for some of our most recent gift card templates:

Grow Your Digital Art Collection 

In addition to sending crypto to friends and family, you can collect limited edition gift cards and grow your digital art collection on Binance—at zero extra cost. At Binance, we create custom limited-edition gift cards for specific themes and exclusive collaborations. You can visit the Gift Card mini-app to see the available designs. Every time you create, send or redeem a gift card, you’ll be able to add the specific template to your collection. If you want to check your collection, you can visit your Card History on the app. Check out some recent designs below: 

Share The Gift of Crypto

Looking to introduce a friend to crypto or celebrate a special occasion? Download the Binance App and send your crypto gift card with a customized template and message - all with zero fees. 

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • Update your Binance App to the latest version.

  • Open Binance App > Tap “Profile” on the top left corner > Open “Gift Card”

  • Create a card with your chosen template and customized message. 

  • You can include your referral link in the personal message if you're sending it to a non-Binance user.

For more information, you can also refer to our helpful links below:

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