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2 Simple Ways to Redeem Your Binance Gift Card


Main Takeaways

  • There are two simple ways for you to redeem Binance Gift Cards 

  • Binance Gift Cards are digital crypto gift cards that can be sent to Binance and non-Binance users.

  • Given their versatility, Binance Gift Cards make for a cool crypto lifestyle gift – and a quick last-minute present for anyone looking to skip delivery times and queues!

  • Find out how to quickly redeem your Binance Gift Cards for crypto or convert it into fiat below.

Received a Binance Gift Card but not sure what to do with it? Check out how to redeem your crypto gift cards to make full use of your present, Binance user or not.

Binance Gift Card is a fun lifestyle gift that you can send to anyone. In addition to supporting 270+ cryptocurrencies with zero mailing and creation fees, these versatile crypto gift cards can be sent to both Binance and non-Binance users. Learn how to redeem your gift card in two different ways and start using your crypto!

But First! Not a Binance User? 

You can still redeem your Gift Card! Simply sign up for a free Binance account.

Whether you want to redeem your Gift Card to crypto or convert it to fiat, it will be transferred to your Binance wallet. To access your crypto gift, create an account and you can start using or spending your crypto instantly. 

Sending a Binance Gift Card to a non-Binance user?

Automatically add your referral code to the Gift Card email when you send a Binance Gift Card. Simply toggle on the ‘Add your referral link’ option before sending so that your recipient can easily sign up and redeem their Gift Card. 

For more information, you can follow this guide on referring a friend to Binance with Gift Card.

Method 1: Redeem to Crypto

You can easily redeem the crypto loaded onto your Gift Card without any fees right on your Binance app. For instance, if someone sends you a Binance Gift Card with 1 bitcoin, you can redeem the entire bitcoin without any fees deducted. After redemption, the crypto you redeem will be sent to your Binance funding wallet.

How to redeem to crypto on your Binance app

Log into your Binance account.

Tap [Profile] - [Gift Card].

Once you’re on the Gift Card page, tap [Redeem] - [Redeem to Crypto].

Enter the gift card code and tap [Add].

Method 2: Redeem and Convert to Fiat

If you are not intending to use the crypto, you can choose to convert your gift into fiat when you redeem your Binance Gift Card. For instance, if you have received a Binance Gift Card with 1 bitcoin, you can redeem it and convert it into a local currency like Vietnamese Dong. You can withdraw your fiat from Binance via the app once you have converted it.

How to redeem and convert to fiat

Note that this feature is currently available only on the Binance app.

Log into your binance app.

Tap [Profile] - [Gift Card].

Tap [Redeem] - [Redeem & Convert to Fiat].

Enter the Gift Card redemption code and tap [Add].

Your newly-redeemed fiat can be found in your Funding Wallet.

Check out the full tutorial to redeem and convert to fiat.

Crypto or Fiat?

Team crypto!

If you’ve been thinking about embarking on your crypto journey, now’s your chance! Redeem your gift to crypto and use it to explore some of Binance’s features. Here’s a Complete Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners to get started.

If you’re already a crypto investor or trader, chances are youwould prefer to stick with digital assets. Whether you want to earn on your idle crypto through Binance Earn, trade on Binance, or convert your crypto into stablecoins as a hedging strategy to manage risks, you can do it all on the Binance app!

Team fiat!

If you’re not interested in holding crypto for a long period of time or just want to spend some money, you can redeem and convert your Gift Card to fiat instantly. 

You could also re-gift your crypto to someone else through… you guessed it, Binance Gift Card!  Learn how to create and send a Gift Card and re-gift your crypto.

Ready to Get (Or Gift) Some Crypto?

Even if you received a Binance Gift Card eons ago, you can still redeem the crypto anytime as these gift cards do not expire. Now that you’ve learnt how easy it is to redeem Binance Gift Cards, why not try sending some and getting your not-yet-crypto friends and family to adopt a crypto lifestyle! Here’s a guide to sending your first Binance Gift Card.

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