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Futures Grand Tournament - Explore Your Future-verse


You’re invited to the Futures Grand Tournament! Starting November 27, unlock $1.8 million BUSD in prizes, 2,400 exclusive NFTs and much more.

All Binancians on deck! Binance Futures presents the Futures Grand Tournament. For this year’s tournament, we’re bringing everyone together for an intergalactic event that goes beyond trading. Crypto expert or newbie, you’re invited to take part and exchange knowledge, forge new communities and friendships, discover 1.8 million BUSD in prizes and explore an expansive NFT ecosystem. Are you ready to explore your Future-verse?  

Mark these dates on your calendar:

  • Registration opens November 27

  • Competition period: December 10—24

  • Results will be released two days after the end of the competition period.

What Are The Prizes?

Prizes are split into three main categories, and the number of participants will determine the size of the prize pools. So make sure to invite all your friends—new, old, or first-time crypto users—to join this once-in-a-lifetime event. More Friends= Larger Prize Pools.

*Spoiler Alert: Invite more people and you’ll also increase your chances of winning an exclusive Zodiac NFT. (see below)

The Competition

The competition is divided into three main components. The Referral Challenge, which takes place during the registration period, and then the Team and Individual Competition.

1. Referral Challenge

Everyone (excluding broker participants ) who registers from 11/27—12/09 will be eligible for the Referral Challenge. Each day an exclusive Zodiac NFT will be randomly awarded to 200 participants who have earned 8 Referral Points.

You can earn Referral Points by:

  • Referring one non-Binance user to the competition (3pts)

  • Referring an existing Binance user (2pts)

  • Trading $10,000 BUSD (1.5pts/every 10k BUSD traded)

  • Trading $10,000 in other tokens (1pt/ every $10k traded).

Remember to HODL and trade your Zodiac NFTs because they’ll play a vital role during the team and individual competitions. Any BUSD profits a Zodiac NFT holder makes will be tripled for their competition profits. So stack those referral points and collect more Zodiac NFTs.

2. Team Competition

The 15-day team competition will be based on the sum of the Teams’ Daily Profit & Losses($)Teams will add up their top 10 members' profit and losses (at least $30,000 daily trading volume). Keep in mind that BUSD profits will be worth x2 their nominal value, so prep your accounts and get ready to trade BUSD.

3. Individual Competition

The individual competition takes place during the same time as the team competition. Individuals will compete against each other on their daily Return on Interest (%). Prizes will be sent to the top 20 ranked individuals 14 days after the tournament's end date.

Tournament Checklist - 7 Steps to Get Ready

Check our tournament checklist to make sure you’re fully prepared to compete in our Futures Grand Tournament. Read below for more information on each step.

Step 1. Complete KYC

To join the tournament, participants will need to complete KYC (see our articles What is KYCHow to KYC for more information). The KYC review process typically takes a few days to be completed, so make sure you apply well in advance of the tournament registration dates.

Step 2. Check your BUSD balance

After KYC is completed, participants must have a Futures account balance of at least 100 BUSD, or have Multi-Asset Mode enabled (articles below for more info). If your account does not hold at least 100 BUSD, you can borrow funds using the Margin/Loan feature.

Step 3. Register for the tournament

Once both requirements are met, you can officially sign up for our Futures Grand Tournament!

Step 4. Choose your character — Individual or Team Player

During registration, you’ll get to choose if you want to trade solo, join a team or create your own, and if you want to win more prizes, do both competitions!

Step 5. Find your people

Team leaders will be responsible for inviting new members to join their teams via personalized links in the trading chat room.

Step 6. Discuss in the Chat Room

The trading chat room will also serve as a hub for participants to interact, discuss strategy and share their daily performances with coaches and other traders.

Risk Warning: Futures trading carries a substantial risk and the possibility of both significant profits and losses. Binance will not be liable for any loss that might arise from your use of Futures.

Step 7. Check your daily rank

As the competition goes on, the leaderboard rankings will be updated every day at 3am (UTC). Remember to adjust your strategies accordingly as you climb the leaderboard ladder.

Have Fun!

Get ready to expand your crypto community, learn about trading futures, win exclusive NFTs and mega prizes, and break new trading records with your team! See you on registration day!