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Binance Futures Trading Chat Room: Everything You Need To Know


Main Takeaways: 

  • Futures traders can trade and chat at the same time via the chatroom function.

  • You can access chat rooms on the web or Binance App. 

  • Chat rooms are available in Mandarin and English with special features.

Add your voice to the conversation with our new Trading Chat Room feature. Meet like-minded futures traders and discuss the best strategies, tips, news and memes. In this article, we’ll show you how to join the chat room and be heard. 

No one is born a trader. It takes time, experience and research to understand markets and what makes them tick. Whether it’s market trends, project fundamentals, or deep technical analysis, staying up to date with everything can be overwhelming. And at the end of the day, learning through others is one of the quickest ways to gain knowledge.

To help traders connect and share knowledge, Binance Futures has created a chat room for futures and derivatives traders. We wanted to create a platform for discussion, allowing everyone to share news, strategies, and thoughts on the market while trading. 

The chat room feature is free for all Binance Futures traders, both online and across our desktop client and mobile app

Join a Chat Community or Start Your Own Chat Room 

Joining a chat room can be done in three simple steps. If you’re using a web browser, all you need to do is:

1. Log in to your futures account and visit the futures trading view

2. Click the [Trollbox] icon.

3. Choose your name and click [Enter chatroom].

4. In the chatroom, you can press the gear icon to switch between English and Mandarin. In addition to communicating via plaintext, you can add emojis by clicking the smiley button. Meanwhile, the information icon shows slash commands you can use to relay trading positions.

Learn Binance Futures Together via Mobile

Chatting on your mobile device is just as easy. To access the mobile chat, simply click the [More] option in the app and select [Chat Room]. Select a channel to join and you’ll then be chatting in no time! 

Chat About News with Friends

When you trade and chat, you’ll never miss an update again. You’ll always have a direct feed of the latest news and announcements straight to the room. Stay in the Binance loop easily through the chat room and share all your latest thoughts, strategies, and gains! 

Share Trading Strategies with Peers

After registering for the Futures Grand Tournament, you will be automatically added into the content’s group chat. You will also have the option to join any private chat room. All you need to do is enter the Room ID. 


Once in the group chat, you will be able to  share your current positions, performance, realized PnL, and more with your fellow Binance users. You can also share your team’s performance and learn about the trading strategies your peers are implementing to win the Futures Grand Tournament.  


Getting to know your fellow Binance users doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, we even encourage you to try and learn from each other. Next time you’re trading futures, why not say a quick hello?