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What It Means (and Doesn’t Mean) to Be a Binancian


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the word Binancian. Every day, I meet, greet, and chat with people I’m proud to know as Binancians. These people are members of our community, Binance employees, and Binance Angels.

So while Binancians are an incredibly diverse bunch, they all have something in common: protecting users. This may be simply answering a question in a telegram group, teaching communities about risk management, or helping to report bad players in the community. 

We also have a core ethos of not just being open to change, but welcoming it. Over time, markets and ecosystems alter. Nothing is set in stone, so keeping up with the ever-changing pace is an essential Binancian trait. This hunger for change fuels progress and innovation and creates a core Binancian concept: BUIDLing good things that will last.

And that’s not all. What I often see in Binancians is responsible behavior and advocacy. A passion for transparency and real innovation (not just fads and trends). The base concepts we have for Binance employees covered further below are also a great place to start when getting to the bottom of who a true Binancian is. But there are also traits that are opposite to who Binancians are.

What You Don’t Need as a Binancian

The basket of aspects that makes up a Binancian is large and diverse. However, there are certain things the Binancian community and I have no time for:

A fixation on profits, money, and gains

Being a Binancian isn’t about greed. It’s not about earning huge APYs, 10x gains, or wild leverage. These attitudes are irresponsible and detrimental to our community. A Binancian does their best to be an example to the rest of the crypto ecosystem that is often in desperate need of role models. If you want to make a quick buck, then being a Binancian isn’t for you. Sorry.

A bad FUD habit

FUD is the tabloid gossip of the crypto world. If you’re here to make wild claims, inaccurate statements, or simply spread fear, our ecosystem isn’t right for you. Binance and its community are open and transparent. When we make mistakes, we own up to them. We’re not in the business of conspiracies, and neither should any Binancian be.

A fear of regulation

Not all crypto fans will agree with me here, and I understand that. The topic is a complicated one. But when it comes to being a Binancian, we are firmly on the side of regulatory cooperation. We may not agree with every ruling or decision, but we believe that a respectful, open, and transparent collaboration with the regulatory bodies is always in this industry’s best interest. 

How Can I Progress as a Binancian and Do More for the Community?

The best Binancians do more. But how exactly can you help champion the cause? If you’re serious about the Binancian community, my recommendations below are solid paths to take.

Start BUIDLing

When times are good, Binancians BUIDL. When times are challenging, Binancians BUIDL even more. I’m not just talking about coding here; there’s a vast amount that anyone can do to develop the Binance ecosystem. The work put in by our community never ceases to amaze me.

If you’re helping people learn about crypto or running local blockchain events, you can be a Binancian. If you’re introducing people to our ecosystem and financial empowerment, you can also be a Binancian. The key is to simply BUIDL the way that fits your skills best.

Join the Angel program

If you want to do more and haven’t heard of the Angel program, you’re really missing out. It's one of the best ways to support Binance’s work and help BUIDL in the community. Our Angels are dedicated volunteers who assist our events, processes, and help Binance users. As I mentioned earlier, Angels champion the most important Binancian trait by protecting and supporting our community.

It’s not just all about giving either; Binance always looks after its Angels. These special Binancians get to attend the latest events, have first dibs on swag, and even get the chance to develop career opportunities at Binance. Whenever I’m at an event, it is important that I personally meet our Binance Angels. To me, they epitomize precisely what it means to be a Binancian.

Apply to become a member of our team

The headlines say it all. With market conditions turning, some companies have begun to feel the pinch. This is especially felt in the labor market. It’s an uncertain time for many with hard decisions to make.

However, amid these challenging times, I’m proud to note we’re still looking to add Binancians to our ever-growing family. We’re a diverse bunch, far-flung across all four corners of the globe, but we do have our core values in common. So while opportunities might have begun to dwindle elsewhere, this isn’t the case with Binance.

The individual ingredients of the Binance secret sauce aren’t all that complicated. In fact, the recipe contains seven simple traits:

1. Protecting users

We have a deep responsibility to look after our users’ welfare. As professionals, it’s our duty to use our in-depth knowledge and expertise in helping the Binancian community. This involves setting up the frameworks, guidelines, and services needed for responsible trading. 

We also provide insurance across a range of products, protecting users’ deposits and reducing counterparty risk. These all help embody our SAFU method and mindset for users that many other communities don’t have. Where others talk about users getting “rekt”, we champion keeping users and their funds SAFU.

Our team of Binancians consistently create resources for users to protect themselves with too. We offer a wealth of educational information to give them one of the most powerful tools available: knowledge.

So, when it comes to a day in the life of an employed Binancian, protecting users is their number priority. Without this key trait and drive to help, there would be no such thing as a Binancian.

2. Integrity

Vital to any Binancian is integrity. We always have to be transparent, truthful, and completely sincere. There’s no room for arrogance or questionable behavior. These points make up our ethics that we stick to dearly.

3. Freedom

A Binancian in the workplace has a lot of freedom. No boss is sitting over your shoulder here micromanaging. So while employee freedom can be seen as daunting to some companies, at Binance, we relish it. All our employees have the freedom to execute responsibly and autonomously as they challenge the status quo.

4. Collaboration

As a remote-first company, collaboration is of the utmost importance. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t sometimes a challenge. Our Binancian team is represented by dozens of nationalities and members speaking just as many languages. We work across every time zone towards shared goals with open communications. A strong drive for effective collaboration is one part of our recipe for success.

5. Hardcore

At Binance, we’re results-driven and get things done. When a Binancian sets a goal, they go out and achieve it. So while this may sound cliché and unoriginal, for a Binancian, it's not. It’s the norm.

Hardcore doesn’t just apply to success either. It applies to the way we deal with failure. The process of achieving goals inevitably involves encountering obstacles and making mistakes. To me, it’s hardcore to acknowledge these mishaps, learn fast, and pick yourself. It can be all too easy to become disheartened, but that’s not the attitude we need.

6. Humility

This one’s simple. Without humility, we would struggle to learn. Binancians on our team accept critical feedback and respect everyone’s opinions. We’re all equals and have something unique to bring to the table. When it comes to success, we also need to be modest.

7. User-Focused

Most of you wouldn’t already be here if it weren’t for our user-focused mindset. Without creating an experience that empowers users, the Binancian community wouldn’t exist. We enable our ecosystem with responsible services that our users ask for and put their needs first.

Becoming a Binancian Is Open to Anyone

I beam with pride when I look at Binance’s community and compare it to those of other prominent players in the crypto space. Together, we’ve created a unique identity that other exchanges and blockchain infrastructure providers seem to lack. While part of it is based on the high-quality services offered by our hardworking team, much of it comes down to grassroots community work. The drive to help others and protect the community is something we all share in common. 

And that’s the beauty of being a Binancian. You don’t have to be a top trader. You don’t need to be a coding genius. All you need is to share in our values and ethos. So if you want to BUIDL together, you know exactly where we are.