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Racing Fans Experience an Immersive Race Day Fan Party Hosted by Binance in Belgium


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Fan Token hosted an Alpine Fan Token Party on the 2022 Belgium GP race day for the BWT Alpine F1® Team fans.

  • This was the first offline event for ALPINE Fan Token and a massive touchpoint between the BWT Alpine F1® Team and its fans.

  • Highlights of this event include the use of NFT Tickets, a BWT Alpine F1® racing car, F1® star Esteban Ocon, the Team Principal of the BWT Alpine F1® team, Alpine Academy driver Victor Martins, a racing simulator, and many exciting prizes for fans on the Binance wheel.

  • Binance and BWT Alpine F1® Team plan to host more fan parties for racing fans worldwide.

On August 28, 2022, Binance hosted a Belgium GP race-day fan party for BWT Alpine F1® Team fans, at the Kineapolis in Liege, Belgium. This post will recap the first offline BWT Alpine F1® team fan event organized by Binance Fan Token to bring blockchain-enabled gamification to life.

The Significance of The Alpine Fan Token Party

Binance Fan Token hosted the Alpine Fan Token Party to give fans the experience of getting together with their team for the first time offline. It also gave fans the chance to meet and interact with each other. Racing is a passionate sport, and events like these allow fans to meet like-minded people who share common interests.

BWT Alpine F1® team fans had the opportunity of meeting their favorite racing icons in an event organized specially for them. There were many money-can’t-buy experiences at the event that only a real racing fan would relate to. And to crown it all, fans were able to win prizes to take home as souvenirs for the event.

This event represents a whole new level of fandom where fans had a taste of the experience and exclusive benefits Alpine Fan Token could provide them in real-life. The Alpine Fan Token Party brought fans closer to the racing action and their favorite team, which is what Binance Fan Token brings to the sports industry.

Event Highlights

Let’s go through some of the key moments of this exciting event.

NFT Ticketing at the Alpine Fan Token Party

The event made use of blockchain technology to issue NFT tickets. Before the event, fans were able to claim the Alpine Fan Party NFT ticket. NFT tickets help fans seamlessly claim access to events, verify their ticket ownership at the event entry, and store their NFT tickets on the blockchain for memorabilia.

BWT Alpine F1® Racing Car Live at the Event

The A522 engineering marvel was live at the event, giving fans the opportunity to see it in person and take some great pictures. It was a great sight for fans who have only been able to see this racing car on their TV screens or from afar in the stands.

BWT Alpine F1® Team Driver, Esteban Ocon

The man himself, Esteban Ocon, made an online appearance at the event, fresh from securing an important double-point finish for the team earlier in the game. The F1® driver spoke to the fans via a live session after the Belgium GP race. It was a great moment for the fans to meet their racing icon, and Esteban shared words of inspiration for all of them. The Normandy-born athlete came into the big stage with his first F1® entry in the 2016 Belgium Grand Prix. It’s almost a coincidence that he met with BWT Alpine F1® team fans after yet another Belgium Grand Prix this year, but now as one of the biggest athletes in the game. So far, Esteban Ocon has scored 338 career points and already had his first win back in the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

BWT Alpine F1® Team Principal, Otmar

There was also a special guest appearance from a senior BWT Alpine F1® Team member. Prominent Team Principal, Otmar, made a digital appearance live from the paddock. Otmar also had some words with the fans about what it meant to be part of the biggest racing competition in the world.

BWT Alpine F1® Team Academy Driver, Victor Martins

BWT Alpine F1® Team Academy driver and F3 champion, Victor Martins, was also live at the event. He interacted with fans after completing his racing duties at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps earlier in the day. Martins shared his experience with the sport and his path to becoming an F1® driver. Fans were also fortunate enough to receive his personal racing tips as they took photos with the rising star and saw him maneuver the racing simulator.

Thrilling Racing Simulator

Racing fans had the chance to experience what it felt like racing on a circuit via the racing simulator. There were some impressive performances from the fans as they continued to set new records in the simulator. Victor Martins also shared some racing tips first hand and fans got to learn some moves from him.

Exciting Prizes and Giveaways for the Fans

Fans had the opportunity to spin the Binance wheel and win many exciting prizes to take home as souvenirs for the event. These included an invite to the Italy GP Hot Lap experience, Racing Helmet, Replica Nose Cone, Racing suit, signed BWT Alpine F1® Team merchandise, Binance swag, and more.

What Are the Plans for the Future?

The Alpine Fan Token Party was an amazing event – not just because of the collaboration with the BWT Alpine F1® Team but also because of what it meant to the fans. Binance is proud and privileged to have organized this touchpoint between a great team and its loyal fans. The mood and feedback after the Alpine Fan Token Party were very positive, suggesting that fans want more of this kind of event.

Fortunately, Binance and the BWT Alpine F1® Team are already planning a global fan party for a future Grand Prix. The goal from here is to connect more fans worldwide by hosting a Global Fan Party to ensure that fans all over the world experience an F1® Grand Prix like never before.

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