How Binance Fan Tokens Can Influence Football in Africa


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Fan Tokens are utility tokens providing teams and fans with closer connections and extra benefits. These tokens are available in several locations, including Africa.

  • Benefits exist for both fans and teams. Fans can get access to NFT mystery boxes, voting rights, Fan Shop discounts, and exclusive experiences with the clubs they support.

  • Teams can reward their fans and build meaningful relationships with them outside stadiums. Binance Fan Token is revolutionizing football fandom for teams and fans worldwide, and the same can be done in Africa.

There's no doubt that football is a sport that involves passion and energy, both from fans and teams. In Africa, however, the loyalty of football fans towards local teams is often questioned. Fans are often more interested in supporting teams outside of the African continent. Teams that, in most cases, have little to do with them.

In other words, there’s a tendency for African fans to support foreign teams more than their local teams. There is nothing wrong with that, as it’s a matter of choice. However, African fans now have the opportunity to strengthen their connection through the use of Binance Fan Tokens and help grow their local team.

In this post, we will be introducing Binance Fan Tokens and how they are influencing a new way of fandom worldwide, including in Africa.

Introducing Binance Fan Tokens

Binance Fan Tokens are utility tokens associated with a team and they can give fans exclusive rewards. Binance Fan Token offers a new way for fans to support their clubs and get rewarded, thereby creating a closer connection between teams and fans. Tokens found on the Binance Fan Token Platform run on the BNB Chain. Binance Fan Tokens are fungible utility tokens that are valued based on the benefits they bring to fans and teams.

As an example, the S.S. Lazio Fan Token (LAZIO), provides fans who hold the tokens with the opportunity to vote on certain club decisions reserved for fans like choosing a player of the month, team designs, event activities, and much more. Token holders can also claim NFT tickets by engaging in their club’s activities and will be able to claim NFT mystery boxes and other rewards using their LAZIO token.

Benefits and Use Cases of Binance Fan Tokens in African Football

Since Binance Fan Tokens offer the opportunity for teams to engage with their fans more closely, it’s no surprise that they are ushering in a new wave of fandom in football all over the world, including in Africa. The benefits of Binance Fan Tokens for the fans include the following:

  • NFT Ticketing: Fans can claim tickets to club events as NFTs with their fan tokens and even get exclusive experiences and bonuses at these events.

  • NFT mystery boxes: Fans can use their fan tokens to claim digital collectibles such as NFT mystery boxes, which can hold different collectible rarities. Fans can also access limited edition NFTs that celebrate club and player milestones.

  • NFT PowerStation: Fans can support their teams by “powering” their supported NFTs to get even more Binance Fan Tokens. This way, fans can earn more fan tokens by holding their favorite NFTs.

  • Voting rights: Fans can now vote on some decisions reserved for fans related to the team and club governance if their clubs choose to enable this functionality with the help of the Binance Fan Token Platform. These votes are executed through a governance system where fans can vote on decisions like the Player of the Month, kit designs, event activities, and much more.

  • Fan Shop: Fans can purchase their team's merchandise and other items at a discount at the Fan Shop. They can also claim exclusive discounts when they prove ownership of NFTs associated with their fan tokens.

  • Special event experiences & rewards: Fans can also claim exclusive rewards and experiences by attending their club’s events in real life. These events include a meet-and-greet with their favorite players, watch parties, reveal parties, and much more.

  • New utility features: Fans will also have access to upcoming utility features like fan badges, match predictions, fantasy teams, and much more. These utilities will enable blockchain-powered gamification for fans.

The Binance Fan Token Platform also offers extensive benefits:

  • Teams can seamlessly launch club tokens on the platform.

  • Fans can receive special rewards by joining the platform.

  • Teams can get insights into what fans want on important matters of club governance through blockchain-powered voting polls.

  • Teams can engage and build closer connections with their fans like never before, leveraging many activities available through the platform.

The benefits of Binance Fan Tokens for fans and teams will compound as more people in Africa adopt this technology. The benefits available to fans on the Binance Fan Token Platform depend on their team's association with the platform and what their team decides to offer its fans.

How African Fans Can Get Involved With Binance Fan Tokens

Fans who want to support their teams and get rewarded on the Binance Fan Token Platform can follow these steps below:

You can also keep track of your tokens, NFTs, and special fan status on your Fan Profile. On the Binance Fan Token home page, select your team, and navigate to the “Fan Profile” tab. You can then access your fan profile for the team, and view your available fan properties.


Binance Fan Tokens can influence African football by enhancing the way teams interact with their supporters. Teams can get closer to their fans and reward them for their support using a variety of tools available on the Binance Fan Token Platform. Binance Fan Tokens are breaking boundaries using blockchain technology and offering benefits for both teams and fans in Africa.

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Risk Warning: Binance Fan Tokens may fluctuate in value and you should conduct your due diligence on the suitability of tokens and the risks involved before you enter into any transaction. To access and use the Binance Fan Token Platform you must go through our mandatory KYC and Identity Verification process and agree to the Binance Fan Tokens Terms and Conditions and the general Binance Terms of Use. Binance has the right to modify and terminate tokens, utility features, and the entire Binance Fan Token Platform with all its related content without notice or liability to users. It is your responsibility to determine whether you are permitted to use the services of the Binance Fan Token Platform based on the legal requirements in your country of residence.