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Binance Fan Token Platform Presents: SANTOS Fan Tokens with Santos FC


Santos FC is partnering up with Binance to introduce the SANTOS Fan Token and a brand new fan experience tailored to supporters and football enthusiasts. Holders of the token can show their support, earn special privileges and explore new interactive ways of engaging with Santos FC on the Binance Fan Token platform. 

Main Takeaways 

  • Binance has announced a multi-year partnership as the Official Fan Token Partner of Brazilian football club, Santos FC. 

  • The partnership will be Binance’s inaugural Fan Token launch in the Latin American (LATAM) market, and the first Fan Token Launchpool project. 

  • Users can farm SANTOS by staking BNB or BUSD through Binance Launchpool, or purchase SANTOS later on the Spot market.

  • SANTOS Fan Token holders can collect rare NFTs, participate in voting polls reserved for fans and unlock Badges based on their engagement with Santos FC.

  • Users who hold a fraction of SANTOS Fan Token can enjoy utilities such as poll voting, giving fans and new users an easy entry into the world of blockchain.

The Santos FC Fan Token is a digital extension of the team on the blockchain, allowing fans and enthusiasts to engage with the club in groundbreakingly new ways. After the successful S.S. Lazio and Porto FC Fan Token launches, Binance now lets football fans explore what this utility token holds for the future of the Santos FC team

What is Santos FC?

Santos FC is one of Brazil’s top-tier football clubs, and considered by some as the best club of all time. With more than 20 titles, including 5 consecutive Brasileirões—a feat that remains unequaled today—Santos FC is by far one of the most decorated Brazilian clubs and the first team to have reached the milestone of 10,000 goals in the entire history of football—making them a perfect Binance Fan Token partner. 

Santos FC has fielded some of the world’s best players throughout its history, contributing many players to the Brazilian national team in the World Cup, including: Gilmar, Mauro Ramos, Mengálvio, Coutinho, Pepe, and perhaps most notably of all, Pelé, who is still widely regarded as the best and most accomplished footballer in the game's history. Currently trained by Fábio Carille, Santos FC continues to play in Brazil’s top football league, the Brasileirões.

What Are Santos FC Fan Tokens?

Santos FC Fan Tokens provide token holders with unique fan privileges and awards for showing support towards team affairs and activities. For instance, fans will be able to enjoy exclusive NFT collectibles, poll voting rights on key team decisions reserved for fans, and special Fan Badges and rewards based on their engagement.

Every Fan Get their Fair Share of Santos FC Fan Tokens

Binance is launching Santos FC Fan Tokens via the Binance Launchpool. With equitable distribution measures in place, everyone will be able to get their fair share of tokens. To farm SANTOS, you’ll need to commit BNB and/or BUSD to corresponding pools via Launchpool.

The number of SANTOS tokens you will get on a daily basis will be proportional to the amount of tokens you have staked to the pool — compared to the total number of tokens staked. The farming period lasts for 30 days. There’s no maximum cap per user. To participate, users must have a KYC verified account as well as a minimum balance of 0.1 BNB. 

By purchasing BUSD through debit/credit card, bank transfer, P2P and other fiat gateways, fans and new users will be able to participate in the BUSD pool with minimal risk, as BUSD is a stablecoin. In order to lower the entry barriers to Binance Fan Tokens and to make related activities accessible to everyone, fans and new users can use a fraction of a token to participate in fan engagement events, enjoy the benefits of this new community and interact with top-tier clubs.

You can read more about the process in our Get Started With Binance Fan Token guide.

Santos FC Fan Token Holders Enjoy Exclusive Fan Benefits

So what exactly will you get from holding Santos FC Fan Tokens? Well, expect benefits unlike anything you’ve seen before from a traditional fan club or community.

1. Santos FC Mystery Boxes and NFTs

SANTOS Fan Token holders can use their tokens to purchase NFT Mystery Boxes, with each box containing an NFT of a different rarity. 

2. Poll Voting Rights For Santos FC Fans

Binance and Santos FC will host fan voting polls that only SANTOS token holders can participate in. These polls could, for example, include choices on new merchandise or fan events.

3. Santos FC Fan Badges

The more you engage with Santos FC, the higher the chance you’ll receive exclusive Fan Badges. These badges will unlock fan experiences with the team only available to the most dedicated SANTOS token holders.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Get Santos FC Fan Tokens

Users and fans only have one opportunity to get SANTOS tokens in the Launchpool sale, so make sure you don’t miss out! Once the Launchpool ends, Santos FC Fan Tokens will be available to purchase via Spot market, bank card purchases and P2P. 

For more detailed information on Binance Fan Tokens, as well as their terms, conditions and risks, refer to the following FAQs and guides: