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Introducing Binance Feed: A Single Touchpoint For All the Latest Trends in Web3


Update your app and explore engaging Web3 content on your homepage with the new Binance Feed.

Today, we’re excited to announce a major update that will connect Binance users to the world of Web3 in real time. 

Whether it's the latest news on the crypto economy, trending topics among the community, or insightful articles on over 400 topics related to crypto and blockchain,  Binance has always strived to create timely, engaging content for our users. 

Until now, however, there’s never been a seamless way to access Binance content on a single platform. 

What is Binance Feed?

We’ve redesigned the Binance Pro mode homepage to make content discovery effortless. Users can scroll down to discover the new Binance Feed at the bottom of the homepage on the Pro version of the Binance app. 

The new Binance Feed displays a range of content as it goes live, connecting users to the latest news, events, and insights in Web3. And as you explore the Binance Feed, our system will automatically recommend content based on what you click on and read.

Binance Feed features over 650 crypto figures, analysts, Web3 projects, and crypto media sources, allowing users to take advantage of a wealth of professional and vertical crypto information. Whether you're interested in trading or want to learn more about NFTs, there’s something for everyone.

The web version of Binance Feed will also be available, allowing users to view Academy and Flash News content, announcements, creators’ posts, and live posts using their web browsers.

Through the web version of Binance Feed, users can also view creator profiles and follow creators, while creators can edit their posts.

Start Exploring Web3 on Binance

Update your Binance app to browse the new Binance Feed today! New to Binance? Get started by creating a Binance account and downloading the app.