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Color Your Trading: Binance Adds Support For Color Vision Deficiencies


Main Takeaways:

  • Most color vision deficiencies involve red and green — the two most important colors in trading.

  • Until now, a large portion of the Binance app was only accessible to color-seeing users. 

  • We’re excited to share all the details behind our new palette for color vision deficient users.

Binance now adjusts for color vision deficient users, including a new palette for charts, candles, and more.

According to the National Eye Institute, around 8% of men and 0.5% of women are color vision deficient. That’s roughly 300 million people. 

There are several types of color impairment when it comes to vision. However, research shows that most deficiencies involve red and green shades — which also happen to be the two most important colors of any trading interface.  

In The Red or Green? The Challenge of Color Vision Deficient Trading

In any form of trading, from stocks to crypto and forex, red and green occupy most of your screen. Red represents a price decrease, while green represents an increase over a selected time period. The two colors are also crucial for seeing price trends and visualizing your portfolio’s profits and losses; they help form the basis of critical decisions that traders make daily. 

The two examples above are the most common color deficiencies. Both fall under the umbrella of red-green color vision deficiency. Deuteranopia refers to defects in the green cone, while protanopia relates to defects in the red cone. 

By contrast, people with “normal” color vision have fully-functioning cones that can identify red, green, and blue in their proper form. 

Being unable to read a chart accurately can lead to a costly error. For example, a color vision deficient trader might mistakenly identify a set of candles as a bullish movement, resulting in a badly-timed trade. The crypto market moves very fast, and it doesn’t sleep. Even if just for a few seconds, any hindrance that slows you down can be a significant disadvantage.

The Right Color For Everyone

To ensure everyone can get the most out of the Binance experience, we are excited to announce color vision deficiency support for the Binance app and web version. Users can open their style settings and choose from three color palettes: Fresh, Traditional, and Color Vision Deficiency. 

Previously, all the Binance features, charts, and candlesticks were only accessible to color-seeing users. Now, any Binance user can replace our existing red and green colors with a more suitable blue/orange palette. Green will now show as blue with this palette, while red will appear orange.

For Binance Web users, you’ll notice that only the Market and Trading sections will have color vision-friendly palettes. Our next step is to add color vision deficiency support to all the remaining web pages. 

How Do I Change The Color?

Step 1: On the trading interface, select the slider icon, then press [More].

Step 2: Press [Style Settings].

Step 3: Now, select your preferred color palette. Color vision deficient users should choose the blue/orange Color Vision Deficiency palette. 

Update Your Color Settings

If you have a color vision deficiency, update your Binance settings today! Non-Binance users looking for a color vision deficient-friendly trading platform can get started by creating a Binance account and downloading the Binance app.