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Binance Partners With Ledger To Enable Even Smoother Crypto Purchases


Main Takeaways

  • Binance has partnered with Ledger, opening up more pathways for users to purchase digital assets, and increasing the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. 

  • Ledger users can now use their verified Binance accounts to buy more than 80 different cryptocurrencies in the Ledger Live desktop app. 

  • The first step of the partnership saw Binance join Ledger Live’s Discover section, allowing users to buy crypto with their bank cards in just a few clicks.

As part of its mission to make crypto as accessible as possible, Binance has partnered with Ledger, which is known as one of the world’s most secure hardware wallets, to enable even more users to conveniently buy crypto using fiat.

Binance exists to make crypto available to as many people as possible, as well as to serve as the easiest-to-use infrastructure services provider in the blockchain industry. As part of that mission, Binance has partnered with Ledger to bring different strands of the Web3 ecosystem together. The agreement enables users with a verified Binance account to buy crypto through Ledger directly with their bank cards and have the coins go straight to their address secured by a Ledger device. Users that do not yet have a Binance account can create one directly in the Ledger Live app.

The first step of this new partnership is now in place, with Binance available in the desktop version of Ledger Live, the Ledger companion app, available in 10 languages. Users can now purchase more than 80 different cryptocurrencies via the Discover section of the Ledger Live desktop app using their bank cards, including Visa and Mastercard. The whole process takes just a few clicks.

Thanks to the partnership between Binance and Ledger, even more Web3 users are now empowered to use fiat currency to buy the digital assets they want. Ledger users can also take advantage of Binance’s low fees. This is yet another step toward the future of finance.

“Binance and Ledger are truly global leaders in the digital-asset space, and it only makes sense to combine to provide our users the benefits of buying crypto from Binance within Ledger Live, offering Ledger’s uncompromising world-class security,” said Ledger’s VP of Transactions and Services, Jean-Francois Rochet.

What is Ledger?

Launched in 2014, Ledger has made a name for itself within the digital-asset industry as one of the leading producers of hardware crypto wallets. Its products are known for top-notch security and are used by people who want to use specialist hardware, not just software, to safeguard their crypto funds. Ledger’s wallets are designed to keep private keys offline. As of 2022, Ledger has sold over 5 million devices.

Ledger Live is the app that lets users set up their device and manage their digital assets. The application is now integrated with Binance, hosting its fiat-to-crypto services within the desktop version’s Discover section. All fiat-to-crypto pairs listed on Binance are accessible to Ledger users.

Next steps for Binance and Ledger

This is just the start for Binance and Ledger’s joint plans. The next steps of the partnership will include adding support for Binance’s payment channels to Ledger Live’s mobile version, as well as integrating additional payment methods. After all, the end goal is to ensure that users have the best experience possible, and that’s what this partnership strives to deliver. Check our blog for future updates.

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