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Binance Labs Announces Strategic Investment in StarryNift to Grow the BNB Chain Ecosystem

  • Binance Labs strategically invested in StarryNift to support the growth of StarryNift in the metaverse space, as part of its commitment to grow the BNB Chain (former BSC) ecosystem.

  • StarryNift recently launched its metaverse (Starryverse) 3D Gallery, showcasing some great artworks and collaborations in the NFT and metaverse space.

Binance Labs, the venture capital and innovation incubation arm of Binance, has announced its latest strategic investment in StarryNift, the game metaverse and co-creating platform that brings the metaverse space to greater heights.

StarryNift is the first gamified massive co-creation Web 3.0 platform and launchpad for fun digital collectibles integrated with metaverse in the confluence of multiple worldviews. Known for offering a wide variety of ways for participants to “Collect to earn”, “Play to earn”, “Create to earn” and “Stake to earn”, StarryNift has been actively developing its platform and metaverse to offer more value to creators, investors, and players.

The strategic investment in StarryNift would equip the team with the capacity and capability to speed up the development of Starryverse, especially in developing GameFi and SocialFi features, coupled with the Software Development Kit (SDK) to support creators. This will allow players, creators, collectors, and investors to have a rewarding experience for participating in StarryNift’s ecosystem.

Founder of StarryNift, Martha Zhang, commented: “StarryNift firmly believes that the user is the co-builder of the entire metaverse, and wishes to construct a metaverse where every player can generate creative content, making the players the real dominators of the metaverse development. We are glad that Binance Labs sympathizes with our team and decided to make the strategic investment. We are looking forward to making changes and innovations in the Binance ecosystem.”

StarryNift has already successfully launched three key features, which are Land Occupation, NFT Battle, and Tournament. StarryNift’s Tournament Season 1 has ended, while Season 2 will initiate soon. The Tournament allows players to experience PvP game mode where they can compete with other players for lucrative BUSD rewards. Also, participants will also be able to stake their Code Green NFTs that are used for NFT Battle in the mining pool to receive rewards in the future.

The most recent equipment blind boxes were also launched through StaryNift’s Co-creation Offering event, whereby the top winners of the community art contest would have their works featured and launched through blind boxes. Creators and artists would not only gain recognition but would also be rewarded for their hard work through an attractive commission system, on top of getting the whole set of NFTs as rewards. The remaining funds collected from the sale will go into StarryNift Co-creation Fund to welcome, support, and reward more talented individuals to create and share their works with the StarryNift community.

Bill Chin, Head of Binance Labs Fund, said “StarryNift is a project with more excitement to come. The team started by launching GameFi products, eventually, it aims to create a fully encompassing Web 3.0 metaverse. Binance Labs is looking forward to supporting the inclusive gamified 3D metaverse with DAO that StarryNift will be building with the other gaming projects in the space.”

StarryNift recently launched Starryverse 3D Gallery, where participants can experience a holistic metaverse through their personal computers, mobile devices, and VR devices. In Q1, StarryNift NFT marketplace will be launched so that the users can trade their NFTs easily on the platform, without sending their NFT assets to third-party marketplaces. The project will also introduce and integrate the token economy into the current platform.

Chief Marketing Officer of StarryNift, Karen, commented “StarryNift team believes the core element to the growing community is the quality of the product, thus we will make every effort to create a more engaging P2E and C2E (Create to Earn) Metaverse for all. StarryNift will keep cooperating with projects that can add value to the platform to extend influence and enhance the product.”