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Binance Awards 2022: Cast Your Votes Now!


Binance Awards is back! 

Who’s the rookie of the year? 

What’s the project that deserves to win? 

Which content creator will come out on top? 

The fates of the Binance Awards 2022 winners are in your hands. Voting is now open!

What Are the Binance Awards?

Binance Awards is an opportunity for us to show our appreciation to the outstanding stars of our community. Through our past events, we’ve had the chance to shine a light on our Binance Angels, projects of the year, extraordinarily generous philanthropists, and other fan favorites.

This year, the Binance Awards are again celebrating the efforts of everyone who has made an exceptional contribution to the Binance ecosystem. Here’s your chance to cast your vote and highlight those special people, teams, and projects that deserve recognition!

If you have ever been inspired, impressed, or intrigued by a person or project, now’s the time to show it. Yes, anyone can vote here. 

Stay tuned to our Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, or Telegram for more information coming soon!

Vote for Your Favorites Now!

Binance Awards 2022 winners will be announced at a later date; it’s going to be a blast! Do you know someone who deserves a Binance Award? 

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