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Earn With Cryptocurrencies: Put Your Crypto To Work With Binance Earn


Binance Earn offers you one of the fastest and simplest ways to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. Learn more about putting your idle digital assets to work.

Main Takeaways

  • Interest rates on conventional savings accounts lag far behind inflation.

  • More than 3 in 4 surveyed users are dissatisfied with interest rates on fiat savings accounts.

  • In a Binance survey, nearly 2 in 3 users who owned crypto have never used a crypto savings product.

  • Binance Earn lets users easily grow their crypto, with attractive yields of up to 45% on select cryptocurrencies.

Remember when fiat savings accounts used to offer high interest rates? Neither do we. Average interest rates now hover around a fraction of a percent for many conventional savings accounts, making it difficult for users to grow their money, to say nothing of outpacing the rampant inflation. 

By comparison, cryptocurrency users can look forward to higher yields on their crypto assets, though crypto savings products are still relatively underutilized. In a recent Binance survey, we asked more than 3,400 users about crypto savings and got some surprising results. 

Nearly 2 in 3 HODLers miss out on passive earnings

Of those surveyed, 41% preferred to use a strategy called “HODLing,” whereby users seek higher returns by buying and holding onto their crypto assets, as opposed to making frequent trades or relying on more complex trading strategies. 

By HODLing, users can avoid making bad trades, and some studies even indicate that HODLers perform better than day traders over longer periods of time. In addition, by keeping their crypto assets close, users can earn interest and maximize their earnings.

However, our survey results indicate that 63% of respondents have never used crypto savings products like Binance Earn, despite standing to gain the most from such offerings. 

Binance Earn lets users earn higher yields—up to 45% on select cryptocurrencies

Whether it’s simple savings products or more complex staking offerings, Binance Earn helps beginners and advanced users alike earn attractive yields without having to make frequent trades

Users can choose from some 10 different ways to make money with Binance Earn, with many products offering principal guarantees, which ensure your initial deposit remains intact. 

More than 3 in 4 respondents are dissatisfied with interest rates on fiat savings accounts

Risk-averse users who are conscious of price volatility can even earn yields on stablecoins, with interest rates exceeding 5% on certain offerings. Because stablecoins aim to limit the effects of the volatility inherent to digital assets, users can potentially enjoy solid yields without constantly having to worry about the crypto market's fluctuations. 

For the 76% of respondents who claimed they were dissatisfied with interest rates offered on their fiat savings accounts, Binance Earn’s comparatively high yields on stablecoins could prove to be particularly attractive. Meanwhile, users with greater risk tolerance can opt for higher-yield products, which offer very attractive returns in exchange for higher risk. 

How to start getting more out of your crypto with Binance Earn

Binance Earn makes it easier than ever to grow your crypto assets. To get started, register for a Binance account and buy crypto. If you already have a Binance account, click the banner below to set up your passive income stream.

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