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Binance Earn on Binance Lite: Get More Crypto Easily


Key Takeaways: 

  • Grow your assets with Binance Earn, now available in Binance Lite. 

  • Binance Lite users can now access products such as BNB Vault and Flexible Savings, providing the fastest and easiest way to earn passive income with crypto.

Start earning more crypto on Binance Lite, with the new addition of Binance Earn, the one-stop hub for growing your crypto holdings easily.

Binance Lite is our simplified trading interface on the Binance app, providing you the easiest way to buy and trade crypto. With our newest addition, Binance Earn, you can start growing your crypto assets through our passive income products. 

Earn more crypto in three easy steps:

1. Click the Binance Earn banner on the Binance Lite main screen. 

2. Choose between BNB Vault or Flexible Savings. Make sure you purchase the offering’s corresponding token before subscribing. 

3. You’re all set! Start earning rewards in your sleep.  

Binance Lite users can choose between  BNB Vault or Flexible Savings, two of our most user-friendly Binance Earn products.

The BNB Vault is an all-in-one platform where your BNB holdings can earn various rewards and benefits from our extensive network of BNB-related financial products. 

Flexible Savings gives you a convenient way to earn and benefit from the tokens you already own.

Once you subscribe to any of the Binance Earn products through Binance Lite, you’ll gain the following advantages:

1. Earn passive income. Grow your crypto funds even when you're not trading, selling, or spending. 

2. Start your crypto investing journey. Learn and earn crypto at the same time through our financial products. 

3. Gain more crypto in just a few taps. Make the most of your crypto earning experience in just a few seconds, using our intuitive interface.

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