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What You Missed at Web Summit, the Biggest Forum Binance Attended in 2022


Main Takeaways

  • Binance attended the Web Summit from November 1 to 4, 2022, in Lisbon.

  • In addition to launching the conference’s first-ever NFT, Binance also put up a booth filled with activities and giveaways.

  • Check out the Binance Web Summit 2022 highlights here.

From CZ headlining Web Summit’s Opening Night to Binance’s Bitcoin Button game, here’s what you missed at Web Summit 2022 and how to watch the exclusive Q&As.

In the first week of November, Binance took part in its biggest tech conference this year thus far – Web Summit 2022. Held in Lisbon between November 1 to 4, the sold-out event saw 75,000 attendees, gathering a wide range of industries. Taking our role in this prestigious event seriously, we made sure that attendees’ Binance experience in Lisbon was both meaningful and fun. Binance NFT Marketplace also had the opportunity to develop the conference’s very first souvenir NFT. 

Without further ado, here’s what you missed if you didn’t attend this year’s Web Summit.

CZ Fireside Chat on Opening Night

Source from Web Summit (Flickr)

“There are volatilities in investments; we need to educate investors to learn to manage risks.” – CZ

Other than connecting with remarkable leaders like António Costa Silva, Minister of the Economy and Maritime Affairs, Government of Portugal ( as seen in the picture above), CZ also addressed a huge crowd at the Web Summit. 

Source from Web Summit (Flickr)

Kicking off the event proper was none other than CZ himself. Taking part in the day’s fruitful discussions, CZ took the stage to talk about The Promise of Crypto, a subject that’s close to the hearts of many of us. As one of the world’s leading exchanges, Binance must make good on our promise to protect users while promoting industry growth. Web Summit is a perfect opportunity for us to help promote crypto literacy globally. 

The speech took place at the Altice arena with a live audience of 15,000, the biggest live crowd that CZ has ever addressed thus far.

Binance Booth

We also engaged with the community on the ground via our dedicated booth, interacting with over 13,000 people throughout the conference. Sharing the pavilion with other tech giants, including Google, Siemens, and Intel, our booth gave away more than 2,000 pieces of Binance swag to lucky visitors.

One of our booth activities was the Binance Free Kick, a game designed for football-loving fans. Attendees have to kick a ball to hit a swag target. Successful visitors scored some sweet Binance swag from us.

7600+ NFTs claimed

Perhaps the most popular activity was the claiming of Web Summit’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offered by Binance NFT Marketplace. Event-exclusive NFTs, sometimes referred to as Proof-of-Attendance-Protocol (POAP) NFTs, are fun digital souvenirs that function as a keepsake for event-goers. During the conference, the Binance Booth saw more than 7,600 event NFTs claimed, a testament to the popularity of such digital trinkets.

Binance Bitcoin Button game

The booth also hosted the Binance Bitcoin Button game, a challenge to be the person to time the counter as close to the all-time high (ATH) bitcoin price of 69,000 USD as possible. Congratulations to the ten lucky winners who shared the prize of 1 BTC equally! 

Fun fact: CZ stopped his counter at 79,987 USD.

Binance Truck

To get a proper feel of Lisbon, we took the opportunity to travel around the city for a community meetup on November 2, 2022, and even visited Nova University’s campus on our Binance Truck the next day. Chatting over pastries and refreshments, the Binance community had a great time recharging with coffee, crypto banter, and egg custard tarts.

Community Meetup

As part of the packed agenda of workshops and activities, Binance also held a community meetup with more than 350 crypto enthusiasts in attendance. Besides engaging in meaningful conversations with CZ, the crowd also had some fun snapping selfies with the Binance CEO.

Watch CZ on Binance Live

If you’ve missed this year’s Web Summit, fret not! We’ve made the CZ fireside chat and Question and Answer sessions available for you to watch for free! Simply head over to these channels to watch CZ now.

Best of CZ’S Fireside Chat

Full Q&A With CZ

Q&A With CZ on Binance Live

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