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What Is the Future of Compliance & Investigations at Binance? Hear From Our Experts


Main Takeaways

  • Binance has launched a six-part video series featuring our compliance experts and their views on various aspects of their critical work.

  • In the final video of this series, we’ll hear our leaders’ thoughts about the future of Binance and its Compliance program.

In the final episode of the series zooming in on Binance’s Compliance program and its leaders, we try to envision what the future will look like for Binance, its compliance efforts, and the industry at large.

Matt Price, Global Head of Intelligence and Investigations, says that Binance will continue to grow as crypto becomes more widely adopted. That also means that criminals will continue trying to use this technology for their own purposes. However, in the last couple of years, there’s been an explosive growth of investigative capabilities globally.

There are more players in the space who are constantly innovating and providing new techniques and features that were not previously available. The field of cryptocurrency investigations will also grow and continue to bring in more experts from different backgrounds.

Chagri Poyraz, Global Head of Sanctions, shares his view of Binance as a player that is setting the industry standards and motivating constructive dialogue. He says that Binance will continue proactively engaging with governments and regulators alike. So, whichever industry Binance is in, it will be setting the standards and building the culture in this space.

Richard Teng, Regional Head of Europe & MENA, believes that the future for crypto and Binance looks extremely bright. He says that the industry will go through a period of very rapid growth and many changes. Entities like family offices and hedge funds will look to increase their allocation in this space, bringing a lot more demand.

Richard expects that we will see a lot more good use cases for digital assets in the future, which will facilitate crypto adoption. Regulations will harmonize over time, and it will be easier for crypto players like Binance to comply with one set of rules that are transportable globally.

Steve Christie, Binance’s Compliance Officer, also shares his unique perspective in this week’s video. He highlights that Binance is uniquely positioned to bring various products, services, and business lines together under one ecosystem. When it comes to compliance, this can provide us with a lot of opportunities For example, potentially creating customer profiles that can access different platforms within the ecosystem through a single verified KYC token.

Steve also highlights that, if we can build our customers’ confidence in such digital identity solutions, it can significantly elevate user experience. This is an exciting vision, and it’s only attainable by a company with Binance’s massive customer base and the breadth of products and services offered.

Tigran Gambaryan, Head of Financial Crimes Compliance, is highly optimistic about the future. He maintains that Binance is positioned to support the growth of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. On its part, Tigran’s team plays a key role in supporting the company’s operations and will continue to work with law enforcement around the world to tackle financial crime. We are still hiring and will continue to expand along with the growth of Binance’s business.

Watch the final episode to hear more about the future of Binance from these tremendous experts. If you missed the other videos in this series, check them out below!