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My Crypto Journey: I Found My Lifelong Passion Through Crypto (And It's Not Crypto)


Main Takeaways:

  • My Crypto Journey is a Binance Blog series showcasing how crypto, blockchain, and Binance have changed the lives of various individuals for the better.

  • This is a story about how crypto set a user’s career on a new, better course.

The pandemic put a halt on Gracie’s personal plans, but crypto helped her discover a lifelong passion. Read her story in this entry of My Crypto Journey.

My Crypto Journey follows the lives of different African individuals whose lives have been, in one way or another, improved by crypto, blockchain, and Binance. 

This is the story of Gracie (pseudonym), whose brush with crypto sparked a burning desire to set up her own business empire.

How She Started Using Crypto

“I was living off my service allowance and saw people get laid off due to the pandemic – I didn’t want to be that person! So when I discovered crypto, I decided to tap onto the financial opportunities offered.” – Gracie, 23

In 2020, 23-year-old Gracie found a stepping stone to her dreams. She picked up some crypto basics through a friend and began her foray into the world of digital assets. As her interest in digital finance grew, she started meeting more people who guided her through her journey. 

Armed with the knowledge of crypto trading, she had first gotten her feet wet with spot trading before moving on to futures trading. Now, she’s widening her blockchain scope even further and learning more about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse.

How Crypto Has Changed Her Life 

“I had just obtained my Bachelor of Science degree when the pandemic hit. The global crisis dismantled my plans of finding a job related to what I was learning. When I learned about crypto, I decided then to make adjustments to my life goals – it was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Have you ever felt trapped in a career that does not satisfy you? It’s quite common for people to find themselves in a job that’s not fulfilling, especially when they have not yet found their lifelong passion. Fortunately for Gracie, she had the opportunity to discover a meaningful career path rather than settle for something less.

Gracie shared: “Crypto helped me to discover what I really want to do – establish a chain of businesses and help others grow their own.” Gracie’s newfound financial freedom enabled her to discover her true passion for being a serial entrepreneur who can also build up other aspiring youngsters like herself.

Aside from balancing crypto and her career, the aspiring entrepreneur hopes to pursue a master’s degree. 

Gracie’s Journey With Binance

“Binance has been a part of my crypto journey from the very start – and it definitely has not ended.”

Since 2020, Gracie has been using Binance regularly to build both her crypto knowledge and portfolio. With access to a wide range of features, including spot trading, futures, crypto savings, and peer-to-peer trading with Binance P2P, she was able to identify and explore her unique relationship with digital assets.

As a Binance user, she’s pleased with the constant upgrades of the Binance app. “I have access to many new features for crypto trading,” said Gracie.

Gracie’s Advice for Crypto Beginners

  1. Always do your own research (DYOR)! Try to cultivate the skill of finding reliable sources of information, like Binance Academy.

  2. Be wary of the various types of scams in the industry. It’s not just hackers who target crypto owners; it could also be crypto projects who abandon ship and remove liquidity. Learn how to spot red flags of rug pulls and avoid common crypto scams.

Start Your Crypto Journey Today!

It’s time to write your own success story! Break away from your routine, sign up for a Binance account, and venture into the world of crypto today.

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