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My Crypto Journey: How Crypto Became a Way Out of Poverty


Main Takeaways:

  • My Crypto Journey is a Binance Blog series showcasing how crypto, blockchain, and Binance have changed the lives of various individuals.

  • This is a story about how crypto has helped put food on a woman’s table, and allowed her to be more confident in chasing opportunities. 

My Crypto Journey is a collection of inspirational stories from Binance users who have been personally impacted by crypto. Here’s how crypto helped Ebony out of poverty.

My Crypto Journey follows the lives of different African individuals whose lives have, in one way or another, been impacted by crypto, blockchain, and Binance. 

This is the story of Ebony (pseudonym), who is grateful for crypto helping her and her family out of poverty.

How She Started Using Crypto

“As I was already impoverished, I took a chance on crypto. It doesn’t matter if I don’t become a millionaire, I just needed a little boost.” – Ebony, 27

Ebody is a 27-year-old freelancer in Nigeria. Growing up in a financially struggling African home with very limited means, she found crypto to be her way out of poverty. In 2018, Ebony came across a Facebook post about how crypto can potentially better people’s lives – and this moment became a turning point that saw her out of what she described as a low point in her life. With the post sparking her interest in the world of crypto, she searched and watched videos on YouTube to better guide her on how to begin her crypto journey. 

How Crypto Has Changed Her Life 

“Crypto has helped put food on my table, and for that, my family and I are grateful.”

Ebony's life has changed for the better since she discovered crypto. Not only has she escaped poverty, using crypto has also opened her eyes to the limitless possibilities that digital assets offer. Using her newfound knowledge of crypto savings and staking, Ebony took a chance on the financial opportunities that came her way. As a whole, crypto has elevated her confidence and status in life. As someone whose life was changed for the better, Ebony now uses her story to motivate others to make use of the financial opportunities crypto offers and helps others along the way.  

Ebony’s Journey With Binance

“Binance made me crypto-sound by introducing crypto terms through fun elements like their crypto WODL game.”

Ebony shared that Binance is “the pivot of her crypto journey.” Upon joining a crypto community, she got to know about Binance and its easy-to-use interface. 

With Binance providing free crypto information to newbies and long-time users alike, Ebony quickly learnt that Nigerians could trade on the P2P platform to receive naira into their bank accounts directly from the Binance app

Ebony added that she could trust that her funds were safe with Binance as the company is security-conscious and has excellent customer service. 

Ebony’s Advice for Crypto Beginners

  1. Knowledge is important when it comes to crypto. Keep learning, and it will pay off.

  2. Learn to save for rainy days.

  3. Find a mentor who can guide you along your crypto journey.

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