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My Crypto Journey: Even at the Lowest Point of My Life, I Honed My Crypto Skills


Main Takeaways:

  • My Crypto Journey is a Binance Blog series showcasing how crypto, blockchain, and Binance have impacted the lives of different individuals.

  • This is a story about how even a life-threatening incident did not deter a Binance user’s determination to own and trade crypto.

Getting stabbed set Okwuyah back on his long path to owning his first crypto, but he didn’t back down. Read his story in this entry of My Crypto Journey.

My Crypto Journey follows the lives of different African individuals whose lives have been, in one way or another, improved by crypto, blockchain, and Binance. 

This is the story of Okwuyah, whose life’s setbacks were no match for his positive mindset and determination to become part of the crypto movement. 

How He Started Using Crypto

“Although I just started using crypto, it’s been a long journey getting here.” – Okwuyah Nworji, 39

In 2021, Okwuyah had heard acquaintances talking about bitcoin, but needed help understanding the technology and economics behind it. Upon further research, he had found that crypto presented opportunities that he wanted to pursue.

In preparation for his new financial journey, he began saving up money, setting February 2022 as the point when he expected to start trading digital assets. Unfortunately, tragedy struck Okwuyah a month before he was set to buy his first crypto. 

How Crypto Has Changed His Life 

“I was stabbed in the left chest and hand in January and narrowly survived. Although I was indebted to the doctors who saved me, I spent all my savings on hospital bills. Crypto gave me a way to make up for the hole in my savings.” 

Okwuyah sustained severe injuries in his left chest and hand and required dedicated hospital care to recover. As a result, his savings were drained, leaving him with no capital to invest in cryptocurrency. 

At that time, which he later described as the lowest point in life, Okwuyah refused to lose heart and started building up his crypto knowledge in his spare time instead. For one, he learned how to buy crypto via Binance P2P from a mentor who trades crypto on Binance.

Despite the bleak financial situation, the optimistic 39-year-old remained undefeated – he left the hospital to recuperate at home in March and gained the strength and capital to finally buy his first cryptocurrency soon after.

Okwuyah’s Journey With Binance

“Since I started using Binance, learning and participating have been a daily adventure. I’ve enjoyed my journey immensely so far!”

Navigating the blockchain and crypto space can be daunting, especially for beginners who don’t know where to start their research. Thankfully, Okwuyah reached out to the right people to help him along the way.

“I’m a newbie in the field but am optimistic that I can pick up the relevant skills to succeed. Not only did I find a great crypto mentor, but I was also able to start my journey with baby steps thanks to Binance,” shared Okwuyah.

He attributes his smooth learning to finding the right platform offering rich educational resources and growth opportunities.

“Binance has provided so much content for my growth in this vast crypto space!” said Okwuyah.

Binance recently launched a new portal called Binance Feed. Designed to make information discovery effortless, Binance Feed allows users to access a variety of Binance content on a single platform. 

To start using Binance Feed, simply update your version of the Binance app and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage on the Pro version of the Binance app. 

Okwuyah’s Advice for Crypto Beginners

  1. Be consistent and determined – there is much to learn on Binance, whether through Binance Academy, the Binance community, or the Binance app itself.

  2. Make sure you find the right platform for you, Binance or another one that best fits your crypto needs. 

  3. Don’t be in a hurry to get to earn profits. While that’s the end goal, remember to understand before acting, or as they say, do your own research (DYOR). Being too eager can end up backfiring on you. 

  4. Finally, in any ecosystem, we should always respect the community rules when communicating with others. It would be foolish to cut yourself off from a knowledgeable support system just because community guidelines were flouted.

Start Your Crypto Journey Today!

Take your first step into the crypto space today! It’s time to write your own success story. Break away from your routine, sign up for a Binance account, and venture into the world of digital assets today.

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