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Learn About Crypto and Web3… the Khaby Lame Way


Main Takeaways

  • Khaby Lame has just dropped his latest video on how to learn about crypto the smart way!

  • Get a headstart on your learning and check out his go-to online classroom.

Binance gets a shoutout on Khaby Lame’s latest TikTok video! Sign up for a Binance account and learn about crypto and Web3 the smart way.

Are you struggling to wade through mountains of crypto, blockchain, and Web3 information? Khaby Lame shows you how to make learning simple, organized, and effective.

We’ve teamed up with TikTok’s biggest icon to show you how to navigate the Internet for your crypto needs. If you’re wondering where Khaby gets his crypto info from, check out his TikTok video here.

Learn From Khaby, Learn From Binance

Ready to be like Khaby? Sign up for a Binance account and hone your blockchain and crypto knowledge today. Follow Binance on Twitter and Khaby Lame on TikTok for more Binance x Khaby updates.

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