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LATAM’s Longest-Serving Angel: Life as a Binance Angel


Binance Angels lead some of the world’s largest and most passionate crypto communities. Hear from Jorge, who has been assisting the LATAM community as a Binance Angel for over three and a half years.

“The first thing a Binance Angel must have is the passion and the desire to help.”

- Jorge

Hear From Jorge And His Passion For The Binance Community

Since its inception in 2017, Binance has built one of the most passionate crypto communities. Our social media platforms and Binance Angels make sure millions of users have a place to get their questions answered and make new friends in the crypto space. 

If you're part of the LATAM Telegram community, you may have spotted Jorge (@JorgeBinance) around. We had the chance to chat with Jorge and learn more about his crypto story and desire to help other crypto users. 

How about a self-introduction?

Hi! My name is Jorge, but my friends call me George or Georgio, and I am from Venezuela. 

My crypto story began as a content creator on a streaming platform. It was January 2018, a few weeks after BTC reached its all-time high of 20k. I pooled the money earned from sponsors towards my first crypto purchase, which later turned out to be a pyramid scheme — not the happiest start. 

However, the scammers are also the reason I found Binance. So, thank you, scammers! Truly a blessing in disguise.

How did you find the Binance Angels program? Why did you join?

During the early days of Binance, I needed help at some point, and I recall reading I could get support through Telegram. Of course, nowadays, Binance support is more secure and only available through live chat. Many scammers tried to reach out and trick me. Eventually, someone from Binance CS was able to help me quickly resolve the problem. 

When I joined the Spanish telegram community, there was only one admin and many users with many questions. After I gained some experience in crypto, I started to interact with and help members of the community in my free time. I remember needing help when I was a new user. From that moment, I realized this was what I wanted to do, so I applied for the Angels program as soon as I had the chance. 

What's your proudest moment or accomplishment as a Binance Angel?

My greatest accomplishment was getting awarded the Binance Angel of the Year for content creation. I would also add my short time in charge of the Angels program. That was one of the most gratifying experiences, being so close to my fellow Angels and always being there for them. I had to leave the position for personal reasons, but I couldn't stop being part of this family, so I still have my angel wings. 

What's your favorite part about the Binance community?

We have one of the best communities in the world. Crypto communities are very active, especially the Binance community. The users are very friendly with the Angels, always willing to listen to us, participate in our events, and not to mention, interact with other users. They all contribute to creating the most beautiful community in the crypto space.

Since 2017, Binance has grown, evolved, and matured alongside its community with all the new products launched on the platform — it's truly amazing.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

I like to do many things in my free time, from reading books to playing video games. For books, there is a series on the Binance blog called "The Complete CZ Reading List'." I took on the task of starting to read them all. While it takes quite a bit of dedication, being a remote worker gives me more free time. 

I like playing video games with my friends, and lately, we've been trying different NFT games. Apart from that I'll go to the pool on the weekends or just spend time with my friends. The best part is we always have time to talk about crypto!

Finally, what qualities and traits does a Binance Angel possess?

This is my favorite question. The first thing that a Binance Angel must have is the passion and the desire to help. Teamwork is also essential. 

You will meet new people, and you will learn from them as they will learn from you. You must be receptive, listen to the advice of others, and above all, read. You need to stay informed about Binance products, and all this is possible thanks to the content on Binance Academy and the Blog. 

One last quality that I can highlight is loyalty. Don't join the Binance Angels Program for the rewards. Join for the desire to help others; remember, the vision of Binance is to achieve the freedom of money around the world. The Binance Angels contribute to this vision by assisting Binance users with their crypto journey.

Thank you very much! #TeamBNB

Become a Binance Angel Today

Thank you, Jorge, for sharing your journey with us and supporting the Binance community. If you’re interested in becoming a Binance Angel, check out our Angel application posting.

What Do Binance Angels Do? 

Binance Angels are passionate crypto users, community-builders, believers, leaders, and much more! As an angel, you’ll act as a bridge between Binance and the users, addressing day-to-day questions and concerns and providing all-around support for the most passionate crypto community in the world.

Our Angel program is also an excellent way to learn and improve in many different areas. Beyond meeting people, you’ll learn to understand the community’s needs and how you can impact the blockchain industry.