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How Binance Invests In Compliance: Hear From Our Experts


Main Takeaways

  • Binance has launched a six-part video series highlighting our compliance experts and their views on various topics.

  • In the second video of this series, key leaders in Binance talk about investments in compliance.

Binance has grown significantly over the last few years. With this growth, investments in regulatory compliance resources and expertise have also grown.

The video is Part 2 in a series of 6 blog posts where we will highlight leaders in our compliance team and get their views on various topics. 

We asked them how they’ve seen their compliance teams grow over the years and where the focus of the investments has been. Check out their responses below.

Investment in human resources and compliance teams is one of the key highlights in the video above, but it doesn’t stop there. Access to the latest tools and technology for members of the compliance team is also of high importance.

In the video, Matt Price, Global Head of Intelligence & Investigations, talks about how he’s grown this team to more than 20 investigators globally. Matt’s team spans all major markets, and most of the team has a law enforcement background. As far as the technology goes, Matt’s team has adopted new forensic investigative tools, Chainalysis, additional licenses with TRM Labs, and they’re constantly seeking the latest and greatest tools out there to conduct these investigations.

The video also features Chagri Poyraz, Global Head of Sanctions. Chagri points out that his team is nearly 40 people strong. His team also spans essential functions that support the sanctions program as well as other financial compliance programs. Customer service also plays a key role, which consists of close to 2000 members. This team handles all incoming issues by triaging that risk and escalating it to the right team.

Tigran Gambaryan, Head of Financial Crimes Compliance at Binance, also highlighted how his team has grown since he started working here. Tigran’s team started with less than 10 people, and he had a commitment from the leadership team to build the team out to over 20, with support from CZ. This enabled Tigran to get access to the resources he needed to ensure the special investigations team had team leaders spread around the world. It’s not just the number of people on Tigran’s team that has an impact, but also the training that is made available to them. The investigators, people in market surveillance, transactional monitoring, and our law enforcement teams in Binance all have access to the best tools in the industry.

Stay tuned for more videos about Binance!