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How Binance Angels Moderate Their Local Telegram Communities


Get a closer look at how our Binance Angels serve and safeguard their local communities.

Meet the Binance Angels 

Binance Angels are passionate community builders who dedicate their personal time to helping users in their home regions navigate the Binance ecosystem. We recently interviewed nine Angels and asked them to share their experiences as ambassadors for Binance.

1. Sirbinali: 

Sirbinali first learned about bitcoin in 2012 while studying computer science but didn't take crypto seriously until 2016. He later learned about Binance and became an early user due to the platform’s lower fees compared to other exchanges. Eventually, in 2020, his love for learning about and spreading the word of new technologies like blockchain led him to become a Binance Angel.

2. J0k3r: 

J0k3r's first contact with cryptocurrencies was a while back, but he got more actively involved in the space in early 2020. He eventually became a Binance Angel after a year of being active in the community and helping other users with different issues.

3. Nauman: 

Nauman was introduced to crypto in 2017 through an acquaintance who was later revealed to be a scammer. Despite having been defrauded, Nauman was determined to continue learning about crypto. His research led him to believing that Binance was the top platform for many users. He joined the Binance community on Telegram before eventually becoming an Angel.

4. GuerrierLegendaire: 

GuerrierLegendaire's journey in the world of crypto began with a series of disappointments as he encountered scams and failed investments. Despite this, he continued to educate himself and learn about the world of blockchain technology. A 2020 Binance webinar, where he received a certificate and was inspired by the Angels' dedication, further fueled his passion for crypto. Guerrier became a Binance Angel in September 2021, driven by his enthusiasm to share crypto knowledge and help safeguard the community.

5. Rmaad: 

Rmaad is a Binance Angel who started his crypto journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, he was interested in the stock market but eventually turned to digital currencies after learning more about them. Rmaad was one of the first members of the Swedish Angels community.

6. Sen:

Sen discovered Binance in its early years. He was impressed by the platform’s reliability and fast execution time. Sen eventually joined the Binance Angels’ ranks after an Angel approached him via Telegram. Since then, Sen’s goal is to share knowledge and promote crypto education as part of a team of passionate volunteers.

7. Angelbpt: 

Binance's educational resources, programs, and community have helped Angelbpt grow and expand his knowledge of the crypto and blockchain space. Joining the Binance Angel program gave him the opportunity to expand his horizons and help others start their own journeys into the world of blockchain and Web3. Being a part of this program also allowed him to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from everyone in the community. 

8. Mubis: 

Mubis is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who first learned about digital assets in 2015 when a friend sold their online game store for five bitcoins. Mubis would go on to become a Binance user in 2017, impressed by the platform’s rapid growth and expanding range of products. He became active in the Binance community in February 2020 and later joined the ranks of Binance Angels. 

9. Ergoavg: 

Ergoavg's journey in crypto began in late 2017 when someone gifted him a seed phrase for an Ethereum wallet. In 2018, he discovered Binance and started using the platform. Ergoavg then joined the Binance Angels Program in 2019, becoming its second Ukrainian participant.

On Their Contribution to Their Local Telegram Communities

Educating and protecting users from scams — which are unfortunately still present in the cryptocurrency world — is one of Binance Angels’ top priorities. Angels work to safeguard their communities and guide new users to relevant resources available on the platform. J0k3r commented that his favorite resources for learning about blockchain are Binance Academy and Binance Research, while Sen considers the Binance FAQ to be the key source of information for navigating the platform. 

Sen added, “We often disseminate warning messages to educate our community as much as we can on all the risks associated with private messaging on Telegram or any other communication platform. In the end, education remains the primary element. Binance Academy is a great starting point and essential guide for anyone new to this field. Binance's FAQ is a massively useful source of hands-on, practical knowledge. It is always better to read the manual before starting to use a new device or service, – and well, the FAQ is THE MANUAL for Binance.”

Mubis added, “Our community in Ukraine is growing at a very high speed, with many active newcomers to constantly keep an eye on so that there is no spam and profanity. Moreover, for such violations, we issue warnings or mute the user.”

On What They Find Crucial When Managing Their Local Community

According to J0k3r, Angels should educate users on the latest news and Binance products, as well as promote the use of official (and only official!) community channels on Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

“It's important for users to exercise independent thought and participate in AMA sessions and the Learn & Earn program. Patience is also a key factor in avoiding mistakes, such as sending cryptocurrency to the wrong address due to hastiness.”

GuerrierLegendaire believes that it’s imperative for members to understand the vision and values of the community and align with them, even in the event of differing opinions between them and the administrators. To effectively address conflict situations, it is necessary to be patient and keep your mind open.

Angelbpt considers preempting scammers by proactively reaching out to users to be the most important job of a Binance Angel. Doing this not only helps Angels prevent scams but also facilitates the resolution of user queries or issues. Additionally, assigning Angels to handle the cases they are capable of resolving can help reduce the load of the customer support team. 

On What it Means to Act as a Moderator in Their Local Community

Creating a welcoming community where people can discuss crypto and Binance in a friendly way, make connections, share experiences, and continuously learn, is an Angel’s main priority as a moderator, according to ErgoAVG.

J0k3r believes it’s essential to remain impartial when referring to internal and external products: “If we label a project or token as a scam, users may take our words as gospel, which is incorrect. Our role is to assist users in gathering information to make informed decisions about the legitimacy of a project or token.”

GuerrierLegendaire agreed with this approach and added: “It is a huge responsibility because one wrong action can have you sending thousands of people adrift.

“As a Binance Angel, it's important to be mindful of our words because someone may mistake us for a representative of Binance, which is not the case. Our role is limited, and we do not speak on Binance's behalf. Our opinions are our own, and it is our responsibility to make that clear.”

Getting Support on Telegram

It’s important to remember — while Binance Angels support communities and assist with answering queries — their primary role is guiding users to appropriate resources and information. Binance Angels are not representatives of Binance and are not part of the official Binance Customer Support team, and therefore cannot assist with account-related issues. For those matters, please reach out to Binance Support

Finally, please remember that Angels will never reach out first through direct messages. Be wary of potential scammers posing as Angels. As J0k3r pointed out: “NEVER, I repeat, NEVER respond to private messages from individuals claiming to be Binance Angels. Almost all private messages received on Telegram from such strangers are scams, so take NO action and instead, block and report them to Telegram.”

If you're unsure about a message you’ve received, report it to your local chat. Your safety should be your priority. 

Binance Angel Nauman added: “There is no Binance support available on Telegram. If someone receives a random direct message, it's a scam in 99% of the cases. Never share your BUID or personal information with others. We always provide users with the official support chat link through the Binance app.”

Binance Angel RMADD noted that when a user submits a request for support, the only information Binance requests is their Binance ID, or BUID. This is necessary for linking the support case to an appropriate account. RMADD also reminded users to be on the lookout for for phishing scams and potentially harmful links. 

Join Our Mission!

As you may have noticed, most Binance Angels share one very similar passion — their love for the blockchain space and its people. Being a Binance Angel offers you the opportunity to join an international community of like-minded blockchain enthusiasts.

Interested in becoming a Binance Angel? Learn more about our program → 

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