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Highlights from Build to the Moon: Everything You Missed At #BinanceTurns4


#BinanceTurns4 was an event to remember, as the global Binance community came together for a concert experience full of exciting performances, big reveals and special news and announcements. Here’s everything you need to know about the 4th anniversary celebration we created exclusively for you, our community members.

Main Takeaways: 

  • To celebrate Binance’s 4th anniversary, Disclosure, NIKI and BLOND:ISH performed for Binance community members from around the world

  • CZ hosted an AMA session where he shared company updates and answered questions from users

  • Fall 2021 edition of the Binance Incubation Program announced, with applications open for blockchain and crypto startups 

  • Binance Gift Cards officially launched, allowing users to send crypto gift cards to friends and family 

  • Artist Richard Orlinski releases three different NFT series on the Binance NFT marketplace

  • Featured by Binance releases limited time “Build to the Moon” NFT collection 

  • 2021 Binance Awards Ceremony features fan-favorite winners 

On July 14, we invited the global Binance community to celebrate our 4th anniversary in an exclusive online event open to all registered Binance users. Thousands of Binancians came together to watch one of the most memorable events in Binance history, which featured unforgettable musical performances, an AMA from CZ, a red carpet Binance Awards event and some special news and announcements. 

While we hope you were able to join us live, full recordings from the event are available until July 21. To access the recordings, you must log in or create your Binance account. For the complete recap, here are some top highlights from the event. 

Disclosure, NIKI and BLOND:ISH Give the Musical Performance of a Lifetime

After a warm-up DJ set from crypto extraordinaire and YouTube influencer lil bubble, BLOND:ISH took the virtual stage to answer questions about NFTs and the value of financial freedom. As a committed crypto enthusiast, BLOND:ISH believes in the power of NFTs to fundamentally change how people engage with music and art.

Later in the event, NIKI, a singer, songwriter and record producer teased her future projects for 2021, as well as her outlook on the way NFTs have already impacted the music industry. NIKI dazzled audiences with a genre-bending performance, mixing R&B and indie folk as she sang hit songs from her album Moonchild

Disclosure, the Grammy-nominated electronic music duo wrapped up the event with an out-of-this-world set filled with hit singles. Before the performance, the two musicians talked about Dogecoin and the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. 

Live AMA Session with CZ, CEO and Founder of Binance 

CZ took the virtual stage and answered top questions from the Binance community, after giving a big “thank you” to community members from around the world for supporting Binance on the company’s four year journey. 

In a short sharing session, CZ talked about the importance of regulatory clarity in today’s fast-growing crypto environment, Binance’s responsible trading program, as well as Binance’s continued commitment to compliance. To learn more about the shared journey so far, as well as the next steps forward, read CZ’s open letter

When asked why the Binance ecosystem has two different NFT platforms, CZ explained that Binance NFT is a centralized marketplace platform, while Featured by Binance offers a decentralized, non-custodial platform for DeFi users who prefer to retain custody over their NFTs. While both marketplaces offer sought after NFT collections, the choice is ultimately up to users, as part of Binance’s ongoing goal to give users the freedom to choose which products, services and platforms they prefer. 

In another question from the Binance community, CZ explained that while Binance’s ecosystem has grown quickly over the past four years, it remains hard to predict where the industry is headed next. CZ admitted that if he were asked a year ago what would be the “next big thing”, he wouldn’t have guessed NFTs. 

Other audience members were curious about what it was like to work at Binance. CZ answered that the company was decentralized with team members from around the world, and that the single unifying trait that all Binancians possess is a singular drive and passion for crypto. If that sounds like you, we encourage you to apply on our Careers page

Binance Labs Announces Fall 2021 Incubation Program

Binance Labs, the venture arm and incubator of Binance, announced that applications are now open for its Fall 2021 Incubation Program. Crypto startups and projects both large and small can apply starting today. 

Exclusive NFTs from Featured by Binance and Richard Orlinski

NFT enthusiasts and collectors can still get limited edition Binance Anniversary NFTs from Featured by Binance. If you’ve ever wanted to buy an NFT of NIKI singing ‘Vintage’, BLOND:ISH during a live DJ set, or lil bubble jamming out to crypto meme music—now’s your chance! 

Richard Orlinski, whose sculptures were featured in the livestream, also released three different NFT mystery box collections on Binance NFT. While the mystery boxes were only available for a short time, NFTs from Richard Orlinski’s collections will hit the secondary market starting July 15 at 1PM UTC. Visit Binance NFT to secure the drop. 

2021 Binance Awards: All Winners Revealed!

This year marked the return of the fan-favorite Binance Awards. We would like to give a big thank you to the entire Binance community for sharing your votes and comments for this year’s winners. 

Please join us to celebrate the winners of our 6 different award categories. Every single nominee and winner has made a significant impact to drive, support and elevate the crypto and blockchain space. See the full list of the nominees and find out who won below: 

Thank YOU for sharing your crypto journey with us! 

Four years in, and we’re sure of one thing: we couldn’t have done this without you. Your support has helped Binance grow into a global ecosystem and community bound together under the belief that financial freedom should be accessible to all. People like you help make Binance, Binance. 

Our 4th anniversary event was our way of saying thank you for sharing your crypto journey with us over the past four years. We look forward to continuing this journey with you as we continue to break new milestones. 

If you missed the show, you can watch a full replay of the broadcast here.

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