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Here’s What You Missed at Binance Talks: AI & Web3


Main Takeaways

  • With over 100,000 views, our second edition of Binance Talks was your chance to explore the overlapping worlds of AI and Web3.

  • The event featured a selection of industry professionals who covered how AI is changing the Web3 space and its interactions with NFTs.

  • The next episode of Binance Talks will take place on Thursday, April 20, and explore blockchain’s essential relationship with charity.

Didn’t catch the last episode of Binance Talks? Find out exactly what you missed when it comes to Web3 and AI in the crypto space.

Web3 and AI have seen a monumental rise in coverage over the past few years. We’ve likely all experimented in some way with the technologies too. Undoubtedly, there’s significant potential for crossover between them, and the possibilities are incredibly exciting. On Thursday, March 16, in our second edition of Binance Talks, we dived headfirst into the topic with four special guests. If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with all the most important lessons and insights from the session.

What Is Binance Talks?

Binance Talks is our new monthly online talk show hosted on Binance Live and YouTube. The series explores crypto’s hottest topics, with each session featuring insightful discussions, exciting giveaways, and a panel of industry-leading guests. 

Didn’t manage to catch our latest session? You can watch it here.

How AI Will Change the Web3 Space

To start the show, we looked broadly at AI’s evolving relationship with the Web3 world. Beyond defining AI and Web3, we also wanted to learn how to maximize both of them in our crypto workflows. Joining us for the discussion were Binance’s Head of Product, Mayur Kamat, and Alethea.AI’s CEO, Arif Khan.

We’re all likely familiar with the standard ways that AI has begun to shape the Web3 world. Artists increasingly use AI to create images and works immortalized in NFTs. Traders use AI-powered bots to help in arbitrage, spot, and futures trading, to name just a few. However, these only scratch the surface of what is and will be possible as both technologies develop. 

For example, compliance and customer support are two areas where we’re already seeing AI innovation. “AI is a much broader space [than just generative AI],” Mayur notes. “One of the biggest challenges today is bringing a billion users to crypto… and as more and more people come to crypto and Web3, you will see them use AI without knowing they’re using AI.”

However, a key point to consider is how we’re training AI for future Web3 alignment. Arif poses a fundamental question: “What data sets have gone in to train our data models?” There’s tremendous AI potential, but the lines between human and AI output are blurring. Web2 AI took the approach of using all our data, but with Web3, we can make sure users’ datasets are properly credited and rewarded for their use in training AI.

Key lesson: AI and Web3 have much to offer beyond their obvious applications. We’ll likely see more implementations that blend into the background and complement our overall experience.

Bridging the AI and NFT Worlds

Next on the agenda was a discussion on how we can bridge the AI and NFT worlds. Joining the conversation were Web3 speaker, trainer, and digital art experiences creator Tammy Lovin and Binance’s NFT Growth Manager, Kelano.eth. 

As we mentioned, the relationship between AI and creators is strong and visible. But is that all there is to discover when it comes to AI-related NFT technology? One possible area to explore is using AI for NFT trading. 

“AI will help us with creating more sophisticated algorithms… [it] will be able to [support] price prediction, for example,” notes Kelano. “We have some tools existing already… but AI could start taking into consideration real-world data. It will also help with fraud detection in general.”

The Metaverse also has great potential for bridging across into AI technology. Metaverse assets make up a large proportion of minted NFTs, and AI has a role to play here. Tammy sees a shift in who creates NFT metaverse assets compared to the previous paradigm: “We’re probably going to see a shift in who the stars are in the space. They’ll come from the user pool”.

She notes that users can now create in the Metaverse using AI without needing to build from the ground up. This shifts the power from a much smaller group of creators into a more democratized Web3 model.

Key lesson: Expect to see AI working in diverse areas like VR, interaction design (IxD), the metaverse, and even trading NFTs. AI will provide a simpler method for us all to participate in the Web3 world and generate value.

Join Us for the Next Session of Binance Talks

Our second Binance Talks episode was another session filled with information, tips, and prizes. If you missed the live stream, you can easily re-watch it here. We’ll be back again on Binance Live and YouTube on Thursday, April 20, for our next discussion on blockchain and charity. With each Binance Talks session full of unmissable guests and giveaways, you won’t want to miss out on all the live fun.

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