Finding Love with AI and Blockchain: How AI Can Help You This Valentine’s Day


Main Takeaways

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) can potentially elevate your online dating experience by creating better matches.

  • However, the downside is that some platforms are rife with scammers and fake profiles, as well as the possibility of data and security breaches.

  •  The immutable and secure nature of blockchain technology can help to address the security and identity theft issues troubling the online dating industry.   

Meet your new power couple: AI dating apps and blockchain. They may not be able to guarantee romance but they can definitely take online dating to the next level.

In the past, people usually met potential partners through friends, work, or other social activities. But with the advent of smartphones, the dating scene has undergone a massive transformation.

Following the introduction of dating apps like Tinder, using instant messaging to connect with potential dates has become the norm. After all, it’s easier than going to a party to meet new people.

Finding love online has become a massive industry. According to a 2018 Statista report, it has made an estimate of $1.4 billion in revenue. That said, the online road to love may not be as smooth as some think. Dating apps and websites can be ridden with fake user profiles, spam, and even data hacks.

And let’s be honest — finding a connection among the thousands of people on a dating platform can be tedious and tiring. But what if artificial intelligence (AI) could help you sift through the dating pool?

For Singles Looking for Love

Here are some ways AI and blockchain technology can enhance your online dating experience!

Benefits of AI-powered dating 

Before the rise of the Internet and social media, people often relied on their friends and family to introduce them to potential matches. Some entirely bypassed all that and left it to chance encounters at parties or supermarkets.

Fast-forward to today and dating platforms like Tinder and Bumble have become a wildly popular way to meet people. Online dating platforms that prioritize their tech employ matchmaking AI algorithms to help users weed out mismatches, saving them hours of swiping through profiles.

What’s more, easily missed compatibility signals such as similar communication styles, short response times, and optimal profile length are all taken into account by matchmaking algorithms.

AI-powered online dating algorithms may even figure out your type by identifying common facial features in the profile pictures of users on whom you’ve swiped right. Collectively, these factors may lead to potentially better matches and help improve your overall online dating experience. 

For the happily attached

Already in a committed relationship but curious about what emerging technologies can offer you and your partner? Here are some crypto and AI-powered Web3 activities for you to explore and enjoy. 

Romantic crypto gifts

Whether you’re going on a first date or spending quality time with your long-term partner, procuring the perfect V Day gift can be a tricky task. Should you keep it simple or go all out? Should you bother planning a romantic weekend getaway? Binance is here to help — we’ve put together a crypto gift cheat sheet featuring  ​​5 Unique Valentine’s Gifts To Impress Your Crypto Lover

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A date in the Metaverse

Want to stay in and avoid the crowd this year? Why not go on a date in the Metaverse? An immersive and interactive shared virtual space that combines the physical and digital worlds, the Metaverse allows you to experience the virtual world in 3D. 

The Metaverse allows you to do just about anything — hang out with friends, party on the beach, or take your date to a virtual concert. But where does AI come into play in this scenario?

Chatbots, digital avatars, and AI NFTs are all applications that can help to enrich your Metaverse experience. For example, AI algorithms and deep-learning methods can help you interact with the Metaverse via speech commands and more.

Drawbacks of AI-powered Dating 

While dating platforms have made it much more convenient to meet people, it has also reported some of the lowest satisfaction rates of any online service. While spam and fake dating accounts are the key reasons for this, security or the lack thereof is also a factor. 

In 2016, the database of a number of online dating platforms run by a New Zealand-based company was found unsecured and devoid of a password on the Internet. While unfortunate, such data breaches or hacks aren’t all that uncommon in the online dating business.

By default, dating apps and sites contain a lot of sensitive information, such as your personal data and messages with other users. As such, database breaches could lead to deeply intimate and personal details being leaked. 

This is where blockchain comes in.

Blockchain can help address online dating issues

In its simplest form, blockchain is a public ledger used to keep records and authenticate ownership. Hosting an online dating platform on a blockchain network can help protect you from security breaches and privacy infringement, so no third party can view your saucy private messages.

Blockchain-powered dating platforms that enforce Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to protect users against malicious actors can make it much harder for spammers to abuse these platforms. This stringent identity verification process may even encourage more considerate messaging.

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