Binance's CEO Richard Teng and Chief Prosecutor of Taiwan’s High Prosecutors Office Discuss Cooperation in Combating Crime


Key Takeaways

  • On March 22 Binance CEO Richard Teng led a Binance delegation that met with Chief Prosecutor Chang, Tou-Hui of Taiwan's High Prosecutor's Office. The Binance team and the Chief Prosecutor exchanged views on crime prevention in the digital-asset space and discussed expanding the scope of collaboration in this field.

  • Binance and Taiwan law enforcement already have a strong record of productive cooperation. As part of its global law enforcement training program, Binance has delivered training courses to more than 10 different units across Taiwan so far, with more than 1,000 law enforcement officers participating, to an overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Binance CEO Richard Teng and members of Binance's global team recently visited the Taiwan High Prosecutor's Office and met with Chief Prosecutor Chang, Tou-Hui to engage in in-depth discussions on the prevention of crime related to virtual assets. Binance representatives and Taiwanese officials explored ways  to further deepen cooperation in combating illegal activities in order to maintain the safety of the financial environment.

Chief Prosecutor Chang, Tou-Hui commented, “We appreciate Binance’s long-term support and assistance to Taiwan's law enforcement agencies, especially through a series of educational training programs to help prosecutors from Taiwan High Prosecutor Office and local prosecutors office understand virtual assets more comprehensively, and how to cope with the challenges brought by this emerging technology. By strengthening the cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the industry players, we look forward to establishing a closer joint defense mechanism to achieve the goal of safeguarding public safety and combating crime.”

Richard Teng, CEO of Binance, recalled making three commitments when he took the top job, one of which was to continuously work with regulators. He continued: “Our cooperation with Taiwan law enforcement agencies is one of the concrete actions to fulfill this commitment, and we appreciate the strong support from the High Prosecutor Office of Taiwan.”

Binance’s CEO Richard Teng met with Chief Prosecutor Chang, Tou-Hui of Taiwan's High Prosecutor's Office 

A Public-Private Partnership Against Cybercrime

According to Damien Ho, a member of Binance's APAC regional team, Binance recognizes the crucial role of collaboration between the public and private sectors in preventing and combating illegal activities in Web3. Therefore, in addition to actively conducting training courses for law enforcement agencies, we also actively respond to law enforcement requests and share intelligence. Ho added: “In the future, we look forward to further deepening cooperation with Taiwan law enforcement agencies and hence setting a new paradigm of public-private cooperation for the industry."

As part of Binance's global law enforcement training program, Binance has announced its training roadshow in Taiwan last year, and has conducted training courses with over 10 different units in Taiwan so far, including the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, local prosecutors' offices, and criminal investigation bureaus, with over a thousand law enforcement officers participating and many sharing positive feedback on their experience. Despite the small share of virtual assets-related crime in overall financial crimes, Binance will continue to make contributions to safeguard user assets and build a safer and more trustworthy virtual assets ecosystem.

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