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Binance Build – Jan 20, 2023


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Build is a biweekly roundup showcasing our latest product developments.

  • This edition’s updates include enhancements to trading, earning, and content discovery experience, as well as some general updates. 

  • Stay tuned for our next recap scheduled for February 3, 2023!

Sort options contracts by open interest, discover our one-stop Futures market page, request crypto payments, share your trading data on social media, and much more. 

Happy Lunar New Year to our community! Welcome to our first-ever edition of Binance Build, a biweekly roundup covering the biggest and latest product updates from across the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem. 

On the chain for today’s edition of Binance Build, we’ve got a slew of new trading enhancements, some handy updates across our entire ecosystem, plus more ways to share and find new content. 


Comprehensive Binance Futures markets page

Find all the futures trading data you need on one page, from open interest to the most-searched trading pairs, broken down by the crypto market’s sector. The Binance Futures markets page is yet another addition to a suite of products and services that empowers our users to make well-informed trading decisions. 

Generate crypto payment requests 

Looking to bring even more real-world value to the crypto world, we’ve added a Request Payment functionality to Binance Pay. The next time your friend is about to pay you back for lunch, you’ll have the option to generate and send them a payment request link. This feature comes in addition to our already-existing QR codes functionality. 

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Your favorite crypto trading Zones in one place

Track trading volume and market capitalization trends across different market sectors – or Zones, as we call them – from gaming and DeFi all the way to the metaverse. 

Try our new additions to the Markets page →

Other Product Updates we Shipped


  • Real-time Open Interest. Sort the options trading page by Open Interest to see the most popular contracts on our platform.

  • Display ask and bid on charts. Once enabled, this feature provides a convenient way to track order book changes, letting traders view ask and bid prices directly on their charts. 

  • Share your trading data. This is an update for the people, including influencers, who enjoy discussing the nuances of trading and sharing trading insights. You can now share Spot and Margin data points from the Binance app, for example, 24h Money inflow or Margin long-short positions ratio directly to your social media channels.

  • Revamped strategy trading. Enjoy a new and improved Strategy Trading order form, including a more concise user flow, streamlined advanced options view, and a clearer visual hierarchy through color-coded call-to-action buttons.

  • Trade in style. Advanced traders will be pleased to find 13 additional k-line styles in the Binance app TradingView section, including Kagi, Renko, Heikin Ashi, Baseline, Bar, Hollow Candles, and more.

  • P2P merchants’ profile backgrounds. Identify verified merchants on Binance P2P by a distinctive background on their trading profile. 

  • Optimized price alerts. Try our new price alert portal on the market page and select and delete multiple coin alerts in one go.


  • Binance Feed integration on trading page. Selected trading pairs on the app now have a sub-tab in the info section that displays relevant content powered by Binance Feed.

  • Featured.  We’ve added a Featured tag to Binance Feed, providing a seamless way for users to identify the hottest stories, insights, and updates in Web3. 

  • More ways to search. Find results for news, announcements, colleges, and influencers with the Binance Pro search tool.


  • ETH 2.0 comes to Lite mode. We’ve just added our ETH 2.0 staking offering to Binance Lite’s collection of Earn products — a small but impactful update. 

  • Flexible NFT rewards. Locked NFT positions automatically convert to flexible terms upon expiration, ensuring sustained rewards for NFT stakers. 

  • Liquidity farming history. Made with our Earn users in mind, the Binance App update allows you to review liquidity farming history on every coin in your wallet. 


  • Apple Pay and Google Pay. The [Buy Crypto] webpage now features dynamic Apple Pay and Google Pay call-to-action buttons. 

  • Custom referral codes. We’ve removed the limit to how often users can change their Futures referral code. This highly-requested feature lets retail users and influencers repurpose their code as they see fit, anytime. 

  • Withdrawals. When placing withdrawals, users now have the option to view the total amount received after subtracting the network fee, saving the time previously required to perform this calculation manually.

  • Homepage tweaks. We’ve made a few minor interface changes to the deposit section on the Pro homepage and added a [Deposit] button next to your total balance. 

  • New on-ramp fiat channels. Through our new payment gateway, Inswitch, users based in Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal can buy crypto via mobile money and mobile banking in their regional currency, XOF.

  • Support for five major banks. Using Truelayer, an open banking API, customers of Comdirect, Deutsche Bank, Postbank, Sparkasse, and Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken can now receive EUR instantly via online banking.

  • One-tap login. Log in or sign up to Binance with Google One Tap for a more seamless experience. Available on the app and web.

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