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Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul 2023: Early Bird Tickets on Sale


Main Takeaways

  • The two-day Binance Blockchain Week 2023 conference will run from Wednesday, November 8, to Thursday, November 9, in Istanbul. 

  • Turkish edition will cover the theme of the next billion and what the Web3 future holds for old and new users alike.

  • You can secure discounted early bird tickets (while limited stocks last) via our ticketing portal.

We couldn’t be more excited to announce ​​Binance Blockchain Week 2023 and our early bird ticket sale!

With two Binance Blockchain Weeks having been a massive success in 2022, it's time to look forward to this year's edition. On November 8 and 9, Binancians will come together at the crossroads of East and West, in Istanbul, Turkey, for Binance Blockchain Week 2023. 

Over two days, we'll explore what we can achieve when we all build together. We'll also discover what the next billion Web3 users can look like and how we can best serve them.

So, what are you waiting for? Secure your early bird ticket today to join us for a groundbreaking event unlike any other.

How to Get Your Binance Blockchain Week 2023 Early Bird Ticket

To purchase your early bird ticket, head to our ticketing portal while stocks last. 

Ticket prices started at $90 (USD) and are now available at the discounted price of $149 - 75% off the general admission ticket price. Early bird tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, after which full-price tickets will go on sale.

What Can You Expect from Binance Blockchain Week 2023?

Our conference will bring together a dynamic mix of industry leaders, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators. These experts will share their insights and visions for expanding the adoption of blockchain and crypto to reach the next billion users. Also, expect to see a focus on developing economies and underserved communities.

As usual, we'll offer attendees two full days of panels, keynotes, and talks. We'll also have an exhibition hall for you to discover the latest and greatest blockchain projects and services. In addition, you'll find yourself in the heart of Istanbul, with plenty to explore in the historical city during your spare time.

Why Have We Chosen Istanbul for 2023's Binance Blockchain Week?

Istanbul is a city steeped in history and innovation, a crossroads where East meets West, and a place where finance increasingly embraces the future: blockchain. This dynamic backdrop presents an invaluable opportunity for all attendees to strengthen their knowledge of the blockchain space, engage with the community, and showcase their readiness to be part of the new financial era.

Turkey has also shown a fierce appetite for blockchain innovation, standing as one of the biggest digital asset adopters in the world. All this makes Istanbul an ideal location to showcase blockchain's potential to the world.

Here's What We Got Up to in Dubai and Paris in 2022

Interested in hearing more about our event format? Last year saw two Binance Blockchain Weeks, in Dubai and Paris, with thousands of guests in attendance. Here’s how it went down.

Binance Blockchain Week 2022 in Dubai

In our first flagship event of 2022, we welcomed over 2500 in-person attendees and 1.5 million online viewers to join us in Dubai. Binance Blockchain Week Dubai 2022 featured three days of exclusive programming, keynote speeches, live panels, and fireside chats. 

Dubai's welcoming attitude to digital assets made it a perfect location for one of the year's premier blockchain events. We made sure to invite the industry's biggest names and most daring innovators to share their insights and experiences with our community.

To get a real taste of what was on offer, check out some of our speaker highlights available on Youtube.

Binance Blockchain Week 2022 in Paris

Bringing the best of the digital asset space to the City of Light, Binance created a fresh Blockchain Week experience with a significant Parisian twist. All things Web3 were on the menu, and the discussions and talks focused on how the blockchain landscape had changed in just a few short years, as well as what the future holds.

Over two conference days, we developed une grande vision for a prosperous and equitable Web3 future. Living up to the spirit of our exquisite setting, we also deep-dived into French culture, fashion, media, and discussions of the cutting-edge Web3 use cases in these areas.

You can relive the events of day one and day two on Binance Live to get a better idea of what was on offer.

Secure Your Binance Blockchain Week 2023 Ticket While Stocks Last

If you are ready to experience the future of Web3 in Istanbul, then don't hesitate to join us. Our early bird tickets provide a significant discount but are also in limited supply. 

Over the coming weeks, we'll be releasing further information about the event, so stay tuned for more Binance Blockchain Week news.

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