Binance Announces Its Fifth-Anniversary Awards Winners


Main Takeaways

  • Eight Binance Angels received Angel Awards in recognition of their stellar volunteer work with Binance.

  • One global and ten regional influencers won Influencer Awards based on their engagement with Binance products and content.

  • Four blockchain projects earned Binance 5YA Innovation Awards for their groundbreaking work and support of BNB Chain.

  • Every winner had to go through a rigorous nomination and selection process where their contributions were assessed.

Another year, another ceremony. And that means a heap of rewards to give to some of the hardest-working people in the Binance ecosystem. We were incredibly honored to have such a terrific shortlist of nominees and hope they feel as proud of their achievements this past year as we do.

Every year of Binance presents another opportunity to celebrate our community’s shared success. From Angels to Influencers and BNB Chain Innovators, many amazing people have done impressive work over the past year that should be acknowledged. 

As always, competition was fierce, and we were incredibly impressed with the high caliber of all entrants and their contributions. But in the end, perforce, only a small portion of our shortlist goes on to win an award. 

So, before we go into the details of the selection process, the Binance team would like to congratulate all of this year’s winners and entrants! We wouldn’t be where we are now without you, and we’re happy to have spent another year together with you all. 

How Were the Binance Angel Awards Winners Chosen?

Our Angel volunteers are the pillars of our community, and picking our winners was a difficult task. First, we went through a nomination process where all existing Binance Angels with more than six months in the role were automatically nominated.

At the selection stage, the Binance team, Angel manager, and Angel peers all cast their votes, each group’s vote weighting one-third of the total. Eight awards were given to Angels with the most votes.

Binance 5YA Angel Awards Winners





Angel of the Year 2022


Leo Sanches

Rising Star 2022


Pedro Ramalho

Community Engagement 2022


Alessandra Moura "Chibi"

Content Artist 2022


Anderson Ahoulou Kacou

Social Contributor 2022

Ivory Coast


Best Crypto Educator 2022


Bruno Frota Almeida

Tech Knowledge Angel 2022


Jorge Fayola

AMA Master


How Were the Binance Influencer Awards Winners Chosen?

For the Influencer awards, we let the community do the talking. The winners are chosen 100% by community members who voted based on how much influencers evangelized, educated, and elevated crypto and blockchain to the public.

For the nomination process, we shared forms to collect candidates from our communities globally and regionally. We then selected the top five nominations that received another round of community votes to determine the utimate winners.

For the Rookie of the Year award, an internal shortlist nominated breakthrough content creators from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, Twitter, and VK. Each nominee had to be an account created within the last year that regularly engaged with Binance products and content. The winner was selected based on a community vote on each channel.

Binance 5YA Influencer Awards Winners





CIS Influencer of the Year 2022


Ravi Ranjan Singh

APAC Influencer of the Year



MENA Influencer of the Year 2022


Fisayo Fosudo

Africa Influencer of the Year 2022


Kıvanç Özbilgiç

Turkey Influencer of the Year 2022


Top Traders

CEE Influencer of the Year 2022

Kazakhstan / Ukraine

A Ótica do Dinheiro

LATAM Influencer of the Year 2022


Roelf Sluman

Europe Influencer of the Year 2022


Owen Simonin

Global Influencer of the Year 2022



Rookie of the Year 2022


How Were the Innovation Awards Winners Chosen?

This year, four winners were picked for our Launchpad Innovation Award, Launchpool Innovation Award, BNB Chain Innovation Award, and NFT Project of the Year. All Launchpad and Launchpool projects launched between July 2021 and July 2022 were automatically nominated for the Launchpad Innovation Award and Launchpool Innovation Award, respectively. 

All BNB Chain projects listed on Binance were nominated for the BNB Chain Innovation Award. For the NFT Project of the Year, an internal shortlist was created for nominations.

The selection criteria for winning the first two awards were based on market influence for Launchpad projects, token value for Launchpool projects, business metrics, and integration level with the Binance ecosystem (BNB, BUSD, and deploying on BNB Chain) for both.

For the BNB Chain Innovation Award and NFT Project of the Year, the selection criteria were based on a community vote via Binance Survey.

Binance 5YA Innovation Awards Winners



The Sandbox

Launchpad Project of the Year 2022


BNB Project of the Year 2022

Project Galaxy

Launchpool Project of the Year 2022

StarSharks TBC

NFT Project of the Year 2022

Let’s Celebrate All Our Nominees and Supporters

There’s an enormous pool of talent supporting the work of the Binance ecosystem, and it’s always difficult to nominate and select our winners. So, well done to all those who managed to scoop up a prize this year, and congratulations to everyone who was nominated. Our community puts in an incredible amount of hard work that needs to be acknowledged.

If you’re feeling in a celebratory mood as #BinanceTurns5, don’t forget there’s a bundle of events you can still participate in. Whether you make a Binance song, hat, or cake, you can stand to win some great crypto prizes.

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