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Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp: Go From Zero to Crypto Influencer


Introducing Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp—a fast-track program where you’ll earn rewards as you learn the secrets to becoming a crypto influencer. 

Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp is a seven-class course designed for everyone. No prior experience is required. All we need is a can-do attitude and a thirst for knowledge. You also won’t be on your own as one of our seasoned crypto content experts will be guiding you throughout the journey. And with each class, you’ll discover essential skills and tools to succeed in the crypto creator economy. Some of the classes will even feature a hands-on project that lets you practice with a real audience. Complete the classes and projects, and you’ll take home rewards like bonus incentives, extra commission and up to $3,000 in BUSD vouchers. 

Click the link at the bottom to apply if you want to participate. At the end of the course, we guarantee you’ll be a trained crypto influencer capable of creating content that educates, inspires, and, not to mention, earns you income on the side. 

Join the Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp

What Will I Learn

The course is comprised of seven classes. Five of which include “projects” where you’ll receive rewards for completing five projects. You can also receive BUSD rewards for completing more than one class. Below, we’ve listed the curriculum, related projects and available rewards. Those wanting to receive rewards will need to complete the course within two months of signing up. For additional information, you can read our Affiliate Bootcamp Guide.

Class 1: What does it mean to become a crypto influencer

  • Get a complete view of affiliate marketing at Binance and the incentives up for grabs. 

Class 2: Introduction to Binance trading products

  • This is your crash course for Binance trading products and how you can market them for commission.

  • Project: Create content for one of the listed topics and have a minimum trading volume of 20 BTC. 

  • Reward: $300 sign-up package and increased commission rate to 41~50% 

Class 3: How to create quality and compelling content 

  • Fundamental marketing insights on creating blog, youtube and social media content, etc. 

  • Project: Create one content piece that receives a score of at least 20/30 over a one-month period on our Affiliate Content Program. 

  • Reward: $300 sign-up package and increased commission rate to 41~50% 

Class 4: User-generated content for non-trading Binance Products 

  • How to generate user-generated content for Binance Products (Charity, Academy, Gift Card, Binance Card, Trust Wallet, Launchpad).

  • Project: Generate at least three short-form pieces of content for three of the above products with a total of 1,000 views or 300 likes or 50 shares

  • Reward: $300 sign-up package and increased commission rate to 41~50% 

Class 5: How to effectively attract and invite new users

  • Learn fundamental marketing strategies on how to get new registrations effectively. 

  • Project: 30 new registrations over one month.

  • Reward: $300 sign-up package and increased commission rate to 41%-50%

Class 6: How to transform your invitees into active users 

  • Discover how to turn your invitees into active users and continually encourage them to trade on Binance.

  • Project: Transform 15 of your referred users into active users over a one-month period with a new trading volume of at least 10 BTC.

  • Reward: $300 sign-up package and increased commission rate to 41%-50%

Class 7: Tips & Tricks from a top Affiliate

  • Learn the tricks and trades of crypto content creation from an experienced Binance affiliate. 

How Does The Rewards Bootcamp Work

  • Step 1: Sign-up and select your pathway

  • Step 2: We’ll be sending the Bootcamp classes to the email you used to sign up. Check your inbox! 

  • Step 3: Watch the Bootcamp class videos and complete the projects that you find most interesting. We encourage users to try and complete all projects during the two-month period. 

  • Step 4: Submit your best projects to get evaluated by our team

Exclusivity Pathway

Before you start the course, you’ll have the option to be a Binance-exclusive content creator or not. For those who don’t sign up for the exclusivity pathway, you’ll still be able to participate, albeit limited, and access the following classes and rewards:


  • Class 1: What does it mean to become a crypto Affiliate 

  • Class 2: Introduction to Binance Trading Products 

  • Class 4: Introduction to Binance Non-trading Products 


  • $100 sign-up bonus package  

  • Increased commission rate up to 41%

  • Complete 2/2 projects = $500

What Can You Expect as a Binance Affiliate

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Binance Affiliate is the official name for crypto influencers who exclusively produce content for Binance. Affiliates get access to more commission, including up to 50% for Spot, 30% for Futures and 30% for Binance Pool. On top of that, up to $72,000 in Futures referral monthly bonuses, a sign-up bonus package for their community and an incentive-filled content program. We also provide our Affiliates with dedicated account managers and a special affiliate dashboard complete with comprehensive date insights on referrals. So what are you waiting for? Take the next step, click the link below and sign up for the Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp.

Join the Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp