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What Went On During Round 2 of the BEP2 Community Listing Program


Binance has declared that TomoChain (TOMO) is the winner of the latest round of the BEP2 Community Listing Program. TomoChain has been listed on our cryptocurrency exchange, while the trading pairs TOMO/BNB, TOMO/BTC, TOMO/USDT, and TOMO/USDC have opened.

Through the BEP2 Community Listing Program, we encourage blockchain projects around the world to use Binance Chain, list their tokens on Binance DEX, and get the chance to showcase their potential and product strength and get the chance to be considered and listed on

Apply for Binance DEX listing now! Read the latest update on the program rules on this announcement. Know more about ANKR, the previous winner, on this blog

Round 2 Highlights

Binance launched the BEP2 Community Listing Program in June to give Binance DEX-listed projects the chance to also become listed on Projects are given the chance to exhibit credible and robust daily trading volumes, as well as strong community support on Binance DEX.

During the second round of the BEP2 Community Listing Program, a total of 73 DEX-listed projects participated, of which 11 reached significant daily trading volumes on their respective trading pairs on Binance DEX. Other factors that were considered include authenticity of trading volume on Binance DEX, tight bid/ask spread on each trading pair, depth of order book on Binance DEX, and more. 

At the end of the second round, Binance selected TomoChain as the winner. For the 72 other participants (and growing, as Binance DEX adds new listings every week), there will be more rounds of the program. 

Join the program by being part of Binance DEX now! 

DEX Grows Thanks to Blockchain Communities

Binance DEX is continuing its momentum as a leading decentralized exchange. As of today, there are 73 tokens listed on Binance DEX, trading across 84 trading pairs on the BNB, BTCB, and USDⓈ trading markets.

During the period that was covered by the second round of the BEP2 Community Listing Program, we have added more than 100,000 active Binance Chain addresses. The total number of addresses since Binance Chain’s launch in late April is 221,362. During this period, there were 65 community-initiated campaigns.

The latest round also set record highs in trading volumes. We’ve seen as high as $3,903,492 USD in daily trading volumes, $74,448,809.84 USD in weekly trading volumes, and $243,255,507.80 USD in monthly trading volumes (recorded in July). As of August 20, our trading volume rankings are at No. 52 on CoinGecko and No. 92 on CoinMarketCap.

We thank the Binance DEX community for your continued support for this decentralized revolution.